Tesla Model Y Scores 5-Star Safety Rating In NHTSA Crash Test


The Tesla Model Y is currently priced from $34,190 in the United States, which converts to Rs 25.04 lakh in Indian currency

We recently reported about Tesla, Inc.’s plans of commencing its operations in India, and that the American electric vehicle company recently went on to register its office in Bengaluru. Tesla is expected to commence its Indian operations in early 2021, starting with sales, followed by local manufacturing, if there is a healthy demand in the country.

Teslas are famous around the world for the latest technologies, as well as their high-tech safety tech, and driver assistance technologies like full self-driving capability. Now, the 2021 Tesla Y has been crash tested by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), and the electric SUV has achieved an impressive 5-star safety rating.

In addition, the Model Y actually has the lowest risk of rollover that any car has achieved till date. It should be noted that NHTSA is the same agency which started the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) back in 1979. NHTSA looks after reducing road-crash incidents and road-related fatalities.


As a part of its safety test, the department gives out Overall Safety Rating for each vehicle it tests, apart from the Frontal Crash, Side Crash and Roll-Over performance. The mid-size SUV scored five stars in every category that the group tests for crash safety.

Tesla attributes the 5-star rating of the Model Y to its advanced architecture, which it shares with the India-bound Model 3. The Model Y has actually been engineered to distribute the crash forces across the entire cabin, away from the occupants. The 2021 Tesla Model Y has been equipped with crumple zones at both ends, which further help to reduce the impact at the time of a crash.

While SUVs have a higher roll-over risk, the Model Y has the lowest roll-over risk of just 7.9 per cent. The reduced roll-over risk can be majorly attributed to the placement of heavy battery packs as well as electric motors on the bottom of the car, which brings the center of gravity of the Model Y down.