Tesla Model Y Compact SUV Teased Officialy; Could Launch in 2019

Tesla Model Y Teased

Tesla Model Y compact SUV will be based on a futuristic platform and is set to be manufactured at a new plant

The first teaser of Tesla’s forthcoming compact SUV, the Model Y, has officially been released during the American EV manufacturer’s shareholder press conference in Mountain View, California. According to reports, CEO Elon Musk seems to be excited about the Model Y and that it is aimed to hit production sometime in 2019 or possibly a year later.

Interestingly, Musk has also confirmed plans that the Model Y compact SUV will be based on a new platform as opposed to using the same architecture of the upcoming Model 3 sedan. Moreover, the Model Y will be produced on a new manufacturing unit.

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Tesla Model X

He reiterated that the Model Y cannot be made at Fremont and that it would have to find a new home. The existing facility must have reached or going to reach its peak production output perhaps. Talking about the company’s SUV lineup, Musk said that the Model Y’s bigger cousin, the Model X, was shaped like a Fabrege Egg – meaning that it has complex and excessive configs reportedly.

He admitted that the Model X should not be based on the Model S in terms of styling. He stated that Tesla really made a mistake in trying to derive the design for the Model X from the Model S architecture. He could be wanting to see the future sedans encompassing the necessities of a sedan, much like an SUV should be styled with all the natures of a typical SUV.

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India bound Tesla Model 3 launched

Tesla is planning to introduce its first-ever electric semi-truck this September and its teaser image had already emerged on the internet. During that presentation, more information regarding the powertrain, dynamics and design language about the Model Y could come to life.