Tesla Model S Plaid Sets World Record As The Fastest EV Around Nurburgring

tesla model s plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid delivers 1,006 bhp and it can do zero to 90.56 kmph in just 1.99 seconds before topping out 321.8 kmph top speed

Tesla has announced that the Model S Plaid has become the fastest electric car in the world to lap the gruelling Nurburgring in Germany. The stock version of the Model S Plaid straight out of the factory floors was unmodified to reach this feat and more importantly, it isn’t even the Unplugged Performance variant of the zero-emission sedan.

Courtesy of the latest in electric drivetrain technology, the Tesla Model S Plaid comes with 1,006 bhp instantly and it can do zero to 90.56 kmph in just 1.99 seconds. At the Nurburgring, the model clocked the course in a little under seven minutes and 31 seconds (7:09:909). It must be noted that the standard version of the Model S is renowned for its performance characteristics.

On any day, it can beat some of the dedicated sportscars to the quarter mile and the Ludicrous mode just takes things to the next level. A few months ago, the American manufacturer wanted to push the boundaries and check the limits of the Model S, and along came the Model S Plaid. Simply put, it offers jaw-dropping performance while providing all the practicality bits a sedan is capable of.

2021 Tesla Model S Plaid interior dashboard

The Tesla Model S Plaid was faster than the previous record-holder, Porsche Taycan by a scarcely believable 12 seconds as it lapped the Green Hell in seven minutes and 42 seconds. The Model S Plaid is currently the fastest model rolled out by the leading electric carmaker and it features a host of visual updates to further aid in aerodynamics.

It has a claimed top speed of 321.8 kmph and the auto shift feature lets the driver choose between Drive, Reverse, Neutral and Park by assessing the surface conditions. It is the first Tesla model to gain the auto shift technology as it allows the user to shift gear in three different ways namely using the touchscreen, auto shift and activating buttons on the centre console.

The brand appears to be stepping foot into India sooner rather than later and the test mules have already been caught on camera on public roads.