Tesla Model S Plaid Claims To Do 0-96 Kmph In 1.99 S – Acceleration Video

tesla model s plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid is claimed to reach zero to 96 kmph in just 1.99 seconds; prices start from USD 129,900 (Rs. 95.29 lakh approximately)

A few days ago, Tesla held an event inviting people who have booked the Model S Plaid to have an in-depth look into the vehicle. It is one of the highly anticipated launches from the American electric vehicle manufacturer due to a number of reasons. Here you see a Youtube video that shows Elon Musk driving the Model S Plaid on stage.

He also spoke about the improvements made to the model along with other information. One of the main highlights of the Plaid is its acceleration characteristics and of course the performance numbers. The Youtuber had a chance to have a go at the Model S Plaid and the reason why Tesla simply wrote off the Plaid+ was, the brand felt the Plaid’s performance was just enough.

Moreover, amidst the increase in popularity ahead of the launch, Tesla increased the prices of the Model S Plaid by USD 10,000 as it now carries a starting price of USD 129,900 (Rs. 95.29 lakh approximately). The electric sedan is claimed to do zero to 96 kmph in just 1.99 seconds, far superior to many of the dedicated supercars in fact.

However, the claim has been the talking point as the Tesla Model S Plaid took 2.74 seconds to reach that mark during the test conducted. It must be noted that EVs are generally sensitive to the driving conditions, the load being carried and the number of passengers on board. The Model S Plaid had three occupants and the Plaid did endure a bit of wheen spin.

This could explain the additional a little over seven-tenths took to reach the 96 kmph mark (in any case 2.74 s is scarily fast though). The Youtube video also shows Tesla’s engineers discussing about the electric motors offered in the Model S Plaid and the updated interior does give a refreshed vibe and the yoke steering wheel stays put.

The infotainment system’s software has also been updated. The Model S Plaid is a much-needed addition into the lineup as the Model S has largely remained the same over the years and the competition is certainly getting intensified from mainstream manufacturers. Tesla is entering India later this year or in early 2022 with the entry-level Model 3.