Tesla Model S Autopilot Failed in China Reportedly


Tesla Model S Autopilot failed in China again; the first incident of Tesla Autopilot failure was reported in Florida earlier this year

Tesla’s trouble with the Autopilot seems to be spreading all around the world. Now another Model S has been reported to crash while it was on autopilot mode, and this time the incident happened in China, killing the owner of the car. Earlier this year in May A Tesla Model S’s Autopilot system failed and the car crashed in Florida, US. This time, the Tesla Model S in China crashed into a truck.

The American EV maker has already started investigation to find out the reason behind the crash. But the company also says, the car has been damaged in such severe manner that, finding the cause has become tougher. The family of the owner of the damaged car however claims, during the crashing the car was driving on Autopilot mode.

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The car has been damaged severely after crashing into a truck, and couldn’t transmit the log data to Tesla’s servers, as the company says. While Tesla is yet to find the actual reason behind the crash, the video from the dashcam of the damaged Tesla Model S shows the crash incident. The driver is not seen taking control of the car as well. After seeing the video, the experts also suspect that, the car was actually driving on Autopilot mode, while the crash happened.

Incidentally, American EV maker Tesla has been struggling all around the world with mishaps. In US several crashes were reported involving alleged Tesla Autopilot failure. In Europe too, several Tesla models were reported to caught fire, and now in China too the Autopilot failure have been reported.

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Tesla’s Autopilot system truly stirred the world automotive space. But another auto major researching and developing the autonomous driving technology, Swedish automaker Volvo dubbed Tesla’s Autopilot as the wannabe autonomous driving system. Now with the number of mishaps growing Tesla seems to be in real trouble.

Source: SINA