Tesla Model S and Model X Get 0-100 KMPH Performance Upgrades


Tesla Model S and Model X have reportedly gained performance upgrade that make them do 0-100 kmph in just 4.2 s and 4.7 s respectively

Tesla seems to have made available new mechanical bits to enhance the performance of Model S and Model X in the US according to a report emerged on Electrek. They are introduced to better the acceleration time from naught on the regular variants and thereby making them faster than ever before.

Without revealing much of the details, the report said new software and hardware updated have been made to step up the performance levels. As the revisions are largely hardware related, the new specifications will only be applied to the Model S and X vehicles rolled out from factory from the beginning of this month.

Tesla Model X

The entry-level Model S has been enormously benefitted from the enhancements as the Model 75 and its dual motor derivative see a massive one second improvement in zero to 100 kmph time. For the Model 75, the 0-100 kmph is claimed in 4.3 seconds as opposed to 5.5 seconds while the Model S 75D slashes one second from its previous time to 4.2 seconds.

For the already performance-based Model S 100D, upgrades meant the 0-100 kmph is done in 4.1 seconds – one tenth faster. The large Model X, offered with dual motor setup, gets performance enhanced by 1.1 s (4.9 seconds) and 0.5 s (4.7 seconds) respectively for 75D and 100D models.

tesla model s p100d

It can be often seen from Tesla that they would not wait until the next model year to launch new upgrades and they have come just ahead of the much-anticipated production Model 3’s debut in a few days. These upgrades can be perceived as a differentiator between the Model 3 and the rest of the range as Tesla appears to be making a performance gap.

While the Model X is sold in both five- and six-seat configurations, a seven-seat layout has been introduced as well as an optional extra for $3,000.
Source: Electrek