Tesla Model 3 Sold Out For Full Production Year as Demands Increase

India bound Tesla Model 3 launched

Tesla Model 3 sold out for full production year as deliveries for new reservations are estimated for the middle of 2018

In a reaction to the speculations that the new Model 3 won’t be delivered to the customers until the middle of 2018, Tesla boss Elon Musk said the cars have been sold out for first one year of production. The American EV maker’s official website Deliveries begin late 2017 to Delivery estimate for new reservations is mid-2018 or late for models that are ordered from now on as the already booked Model 3s will stick by the timeline.

The Model 3 has become the best-selling product in Tesla’s portfolio with half a million deposits received before even being delivered. Tesla has not confirmed that whether the increase in demand will result in delayed delivery. In order to meet the rise in demand, the Gigafactory which has an annual production capacity of 500,000 batteries yearly will have to use majority of its services for meeting the delivery deadline of the Model 3.

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With potential sales worth $14 billion so far, 1,17,000 orders were placed before the car’s official revealing and astonishingly within 72 hours a total of 2,76,000 bookings were made. The Model 3 debuted at a launch event in California earlier this year and is the company’s fourth all-electric model and also the most affordable.

The Tesla Model 3 will be offered with rear-wheel drive system as standard while the dual-motor all-wheel drive configuration will be given as optional. It can comfortably seat five occupants according to Tesla with a battery pack enough to squeeze out a driving range of 215 miles (346 kilometres) as certified by EPA.

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The revolutionary EV which cost less than half of the current Model X and Model S. The devoid of internal combustion engine meant that the wheel arches have been pushed further to the edge with the driver and co-passenger space moved in front. This allows more room at the rear for three and Musk claims the Model 3 can beat any four-door IC-engined sedan on sale currently in terms of space. Even the base variant is said to hit 96 kmph from standstill in less than six seconds.