Tesla Model 3 Revealed Fully in Spy Images; Battery Cell Production Begins

Tesla Model 3 Spied

Tesla Model 3 revealed in recent spy pictures showcasing minimalistic interior; its battery cell production has begun in Nevada’

Tesla Model 3 has repeatedly been caught on camera in the United States as the final stages of testing were on full swing right ahead of its commercial launch there in July. A latest set of spy pictures show the Model 3 getting charged from a supercharger and its minimalistic interior. Slotted below the Model S, the Model 3 measures 4,695 mm in length making it about 284 mm smaller than the former.

With high strength aluminium and steel, the Model 3 will be made available in two battery choices – a 55 kWh and a 70 kWh. The prices are to start at $35,000 (around Rs. 22.5 lakh) and $42,000 (Rs. 27 lakh). The smaller battery pack is good enough to give out a driving range close to 350 km on a single charge while being able to hit 0-100 kmph in just 5.6 seconds.

Tesla Model 3 Spied 1

The devoid of internal combustion engine meant that the wheel arches have been pushed further to the edge with the driver and co-passenger space moved in front. This allows more room at the rear for three and Musk claims the Model 3 can beat any four-door IC-engined sedan on sale currently in terms of space.

The five-seat will be offered with a 15-inch centrally mounted touchscreen alongside 19-inch wheels, glad roof and fully autonomous driving functions. Customer test drives are believed to begin the US towards the end of this year as well. Tesla has confirmed starting production of the Model 3’s battery cell at Gigafactory 1 in Nevada – a significant step toward launching the production model.


The battery cells are said to play a key role for Tesla in achieving cost reductions. The 2170 format battery cells entered production back in January but they were using Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) chemistry for stationary energy storage products like Powerwall and Powerpack from the California-based brand.

But for the Model 3’s battery packs, Tesla is using Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide (NCA) chemistry optimised to cycle in electric vehicles. Tesla’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, JB Straubel, stated over the weekend that the production has begun.

Source: reddit and electrek