Tesla Cybertruck Reservations Exceed 1 Million Units

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The Tesla Cybertruck will be offered in three variants, with the top-end variant being equipped with three electric motors offering a range of over 800 km

Tesla revealed the Cybertruck electric pickup truck concept back in late 2019, and it managed to create quite a buzz all around the globe upon its debut. If a six-seat pickup truck with three electric motors, armoured glass and a driving range of about 805 km wasn’t enough, the Cybertruck’s edgy styling is surely a big talking point.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s rather unconventional design resulted in a divided opinion, however, it seems like people actually love it! According to Teslarati, the Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Tracker website estimates that the cumulative number of reservations for the pickup truck has now crossed 1 million units.

It should be noted that a reservation requires a deposit of only $100 deposits, and will include people who are not necessarily willing to buy the truck. Tesla will be offering the Cybertruck in three different trim levels, with the entry-level single-motor variant getting a rear-wheel-drive configuration and a range of around 402 km.

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On the other hand, the mid-range variant is offered with a dual-motor setup, along with an all-wheel-drive setup with a total range of about 483 km. The range-topping variant will come equipped with three electric motors, and of course, will get an all-wheel-drive system as well. It will have a total driving range of around 805 km.

According to the Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Tracker, 48 per cent of bookings were made for the mid-level dual-motor trim, 44.5 per cent for the tri-motor variant while the remaining 7.5 per cent were for the entry-level single-motor model. What’s more, is that 74.3 per cent of the reservations included the Full Self Driving option.

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The range-topping tri-motor variant of the Cybertrucck is claimed to sprint to 100 kmph in just 2.9 seconds, and have a towing capacity of around 6,350 kg. No launch date for the Tesla Cybertruck has been confirmed as of yet, but it could hit the markets by the end of this year. The fully electric pickup truck will have a base price of $39,990, which converts to around Rs 29 lakh in Indian currency.