Tesla Cybertruck Breaks Cover With 800 Km Range And Bonkers Design

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Tesla Cybertruck is claimed to be bulletproof against a 9 mm handgun and it can be had in three different configurations

Tesla has today revealed the all-electric Cybertruck, the brand’s first eco-friendly pickup truck, at a special event in Los Angeles. Prices for the Tesla Cybertruck will start from USD 39,900 (Rs. 28.62 lakh approximately) and it can be pre-ordered online at Tesla’s official website.

The Cybertruck can be had in three different configurations depending on the electric driving range – 402 km, 483 km and 804 km. The electric pickup has been a long time coming from Elon Musk as Tesla teased around the idea for nearly a decade. Last year, he stated that the truck would take a “futuristic-like cyberpunk, Blade Runner” styling.

And seeing the finished product, you may not argue against his claim. Said to be one of his favourite projects out of all Teslas that are under the curtain, the Cybertruck will address the growing demand for pickup trucks with a Tesla-styled electric drivetrain in the United States and perhaps across the globe.

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The American EV producer is busy setting up the assembly lines for Model 3 in China while the Model Y crossover is set to debut later next year. While the Model Y will cater to the needs of the SUV/crossover space, the Cybertruck will adhere to the requirements of the lifestyle pickup truck segment as Tesla aims higher profit margin from two of the hot-selling categories.

The Cybertruck, in particular, is an attractive prospect considering that there has been no volume-based zero-emission pickup truck yet available in the US market or any developed markets. Nevertheless, the electric F-150, Rivian’s promising R1T and a GM no-emission pickup are coming within the next two years to expand the space.

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Previously, Musk suggested that the demand for the Cybertruck might not be as much as the combined demand for the Model S and Model X due to its eccentric design. Did we mention ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ was another source of styling inspiration for the outspoken Musk?

To showcase its toughness, Tesla’s Design Chief Franz Von Holzhausen used a sledgehammer on to the body and side window. He managed to shatter the window but the hammer did not go through the rigid glass and Musk further claimed it is bulletproof against a 9 mm handgun. Not your average pickup truck, is it?

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The pickup truck segment is responsible for more than 3 million unit sales in the US and the Cybertruck could carve a niche on its own. It is estimated to reach zero to 96 kmph in under three seconds and has a Tri-Motor AWD option.