Ten Things You Should Know About Entry-Level Jawa Forty Two

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Jawa Forty Two derives power from the 293 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine producing 27 bhp and 28 Nm, and is mated to a six-speed transmission

Jawa Forty Two is the entry-level motorcycle from the Czech manufacturer and it has modern retro styling with distinctive character. It will play a significant role along with the namesake Jawa in garnering volume sales for the brand and here are the ten things you should definitely need to know about before considering buying the model:

1. Looks To Replicate Cult Status:

As the new Jawa motorcycles are here, we have all the time in the world to assess them and the entry-level Forty Two is of our particular interest, as it was that brilliant in our first meet up. Unlike the classic look of its Jawa sibling, the Forty Two is offered in wide colour choices and has modern graphics to make a strong styling statement and attract young customers the way the erstwhile Jawas did.

2. Shares Engine With Namesake Jawa:

It shares brake, suspension, powertrain and other mechanical components with the Jawa. The 293 cc single-cylinder engine produces 27 bhp and 28 Nm of peak torque, and is connected to a constant mesh six-speed transmission with flat torque curve and good mid range capabilities. Combining the performance outputs with 170 kg kerb weight, the appreciable power-to-weight ratio will aid largely in its noticeable quickness especially over the 350 cc REs.

3. Boasts Better Technology Than Competition:

Classic Legends confirmed that the 293 cc engine is brand new despite sharing basic architecture with the Mahindra Mojo while the Perak bobber uses the same powertrain with bigger bore for higher capacity of 334 cc. It is fairly advanced in its own right by having liquid-cooling and DOHC setup, and is BSVI-ready.

4. Aggressive Rider’s Triangle:

While the Jawa classic roadster is an authentic throwback to the past, the Forty Two has modern stance and flat handlebar for aggressive rider’s triangle that should ensure committed riding position. Moreover, it showcases the varying characteristics compared to the Jawa that is more suited to relaxed touring purposes.

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5. Unique Instrument Console:

Amidst carrying similar overall design, the Jawa Forty Two has its unique differences. Chief among which the single pod instrument cluster is attached right in front on the handlebar with digital display.

6. Impressive Build Quality:

The time we had with the bike on the launch floor has made us observe the high degree of fit and finish and they are certainly impressive to give you premium feel from the get-go. However, we reserve the judgement until we get our hands on riding it.

7. Almost As Powerful As RE Classic 500:

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Royal Enfield sells the Stealth Black Classic 500 at around Rs. 2 lakh while the Pegasus Edition costs Rs. 2.16 lakh (ex-showroom). Both of them have similar power output amidst having higher torque as the Forty Two while costing over Rs. 45,000 and Rs. 55,000 in addition.

8. Retains Distinctive Exhaust Note:

Jawa has worked with a specialist team of sound engineers to replicate the aural note of the yesteryear models. The dual exhaust system is another vintage addition to the entire range.

9. Booking Right Away:

Both the Jawa and Forty Two can be booked online from the brand’s official website and dealerships will be operational from early December. Their deliveries have been confirmed to commenced in the beginning stages of 2019.

10. Brimmed With Modernity:

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Despite carrying a retro theme, the Jawa Forty Two has a no frills design while several modern elements like the paint finish, chrome touches, unique headlamp, black inserts and single pod instrument console, etc add to the overall character of the motorcycle.