Ten Most Valuable Automobile Brands In The World In 2021

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As per a recent report by Brand Finance, Toyota is currently the most valuable automobile brand in the world

Toyota has overtaken Mercedes-Benz to become the most valuable automobile brand in the world, as per Automotive Industry 2021 report published by Brand Finance. The report states that Toyota’s brand value has increased from $58,076 million in 2020 to $59,479 million in 2021, which is a modest growth of 2.4 per cent.

Despite all the challenges faced by the global automobile industry, Toyota has managed to stay on top of the game. The Japanese car giant hasn’t suffered a major hit to production, even with the global semiconductor shortage. Also, sales in China were up, which contributed significantly to the manufacturer’s profits.

Meanwhile, the brand value of Mercedes-Benz has dropped by 10.5 per cent, from $65,041 million to $58,225 million, placing it at the second spot. At the third spot sits Volkswagen, which saw a 4.7 per cent increase in brand value to $47,020 million, from $44,897 million last year.

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BMW is the fourth most-valuable automobile brand in the world, with a current brand value of $ 40,447 million. Following it is Porsche, valued at $34,326 million in 2021. Tesla managed to rise to the sixth position, up from the twelfth position last year.

Tesla’s brand value has jumped to $31,986 million in 2021, a massive 157.6 per cent increase over its $12,416 million brand value in 2020. It is interesting to see the American EV manufacturer, with its rather limited lineup of cars, outrank a majority of well-established carmakers.

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Ten Most Valuable Automobile Brands In The World In 2021
Brand Brand value in 2021 Brand value in 2020
1. Toyota US$ 59,479 million US$ 58,076 million
2. Mercedes-Benz US$ 58,225 million US$ 65,041 million
3. Volkswagen US$ 47,020 million US$ 44,897 million
4. BMW US$ 40,447 million US$ 40,483 million
5. Porsche US$ 34,326 million US$ 33,911 million
6. Tesla US$ 31,986 million US$ 12,416 million
7. Honda US$ 31,366 million US$ 33,102 million
8. Ford US$ 22,676 million US$ 18,515 million
9. Volvo US$ 17,750 million US$ 16,914 million
10. Audi US$ 17,187 million US$ 16,973 million

Honda, with a current brand value of $31,366 million, grabbed the seventh spot. The next rank is held by Ford, which has a brand value of $22,676 million. At the ninth and tenth spots, we have Volvo and Audi, respectively. The brand value of Volvo in 2021 is $17,750 million, while the same for Audi is $17,187 million in 2021.