Tech: Tata Nexon Three Driving Modes Explained In Detail

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Tata Nexon’s driving modes have unique characteristics of their own and it would be essential to understand each of them

Tata Nexon subcompact SUV was launched in India last September and it has had increasing takers every month. It comes equipped with the segment-first drive modes: Eco, City and Sport and they are not just some fancy gimmick for selling the SUV. Having driven it for over 2,000 km (since I own one), it is hard not to see why they impact so much in the performance of the most powerful diesel SUV in its segment.

The Eco, City and Sport have different driving characteristics and knowing when to use each mode will make your life easy. For instance, the Eco mode can be used for regular runs but when it gets to overtaking it does not have the juice as it is primarily tuned for optimal fuel efficiency. Courtesy of a recent media report, the power and torque figures when the mode is engaged are revealed.

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Clearly explaining the lack of performance, the Eco mode is limited by ECU wizardry to just 70 PS and 180 Nm. In a vehicle that weighs nearly 400 kg more than Renault Kwid, the restricted performance can be clearly felt. However, if you want the drive to be smooth and relaxed, while trying to eke out more fuel efficiency from the engine, the Eco mode is the way to go indeed.

The power delivery will be linear and it is the best mode to be on when tackling tough tarmac. Over to the City mode, which I used the least as I have not found the necessity to, the power and torque are not at the maximum the engine can put out. But, at 90 PS and 220 Nm, the City mode outnumbers the regular performance output of the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza – 90 PS and 200 Nm.

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The Eco would not be sufficient and the Sport would be too far leaving you to choose the City driving mode for journeys within the urban environment. Will it make a major difference in fuel economy when compared to Eco? No it does not from what I have observed so far! The Sport mode is the interesting of the three and it has been dialled not to be too harsh or dull.

With the full 110 PS and 260 Nm at the disposal, the Sport mode is for the people who would like to have an immersive driving experience. You could feel the shiver of the engine when shifting from Eco or City to Sport as the suspension feels more stiffened and the steering becomes more focussed. It is the best mode for overtaking – period!

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I know what you would be thinking now. Can the Sport mode be used more often than not? Yes you absolutely can because of its pure handling characteristics and the fact that it would not hurt the fuel economy as you might have thought it would. The likeable gearbox would be more responsive in Sport mode as well in comparison.

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