Tata Ultra T.7 Electric – India’s First Electric Truck Detailed On Video

Tata Ultra T.7 Electric Truck

Tata T.7 Ultra Electric develops 328 hp and 2800 Nm and is claimed to charge fully in just two hours using a DC fast charger

Tata Motors unveiled the Ultra T.7 Electric truck at the 2020 Auto Expo in Greater Noida earlier this month and it has been well-received among the show-goers as well as the general public. The homegrown manufacturer having big presence in the passenger vehicle as well as commercial vehicle space and is determined to make a strong impact with the T.7 Ultra Electric.

It was part of Tata’s showcase of 26 vehicles at the 15th Indian Auto Expo and it accompanied the new-gen Winger and the Prima 5530.S facelift. While the Tata 4/12m Low Floor Entry Electric Bus is the company’s first fully electric of its type for urban transport,  the Ultra T.7 Electric is the country’s first-ever intermediate commercial zero-emission truck.

Claimed to be suited for city transportation the most, the Ultra T.7 Electric adheres to agile goods movements and it comprises of a modern design and a neatly put together cabin. Tata also makes a great deal of its comfort factor as well for the driver to improve the overall efficiency and reduce the transportation time with zero tailpipe emission.

The spacious cabin has one plus two seating capability and the “ultimate driving comfort” comes courtesy of the new Ultra architecture it sits on and it has turning radius of 6.95 metres. The Tata Ultra T.7 Electric derives power from a 62.5 kWh battery pack, which produces 328 horsepower maximum power and a massive 2,800 Nm of peak torque.

Tata says the Ultra T.7 Electric can be charged fully in just two hours using a DC fast charger and it is quite an impressive time while the driving range stands at 120 km on a single charge in a driving stretch. It has top speed of 80 kmph and boasts features like air drum brakes, parabolic springs with antiroll bar, semi-elliptical leaf springs at the back and so on.

Additional the eco-friendly truck has gradient climbing ability of 26 per cent, higher payload capacity and quicker turnaround time according to tbe brand. It uses tilt and telescopic integrated hydraulic power steering and runs on tubeless radial tyres.