Tata to Phase Out Nano, Sumo and Indigo eCS in the Next 3-4 Years

tata nano genx cornering

Tata’s plan to phase out models like Nano, Sumo and Indigo eCS comes as part of the strategy to limit number of platforms from 6 to 2

Tata Motors plans to phase out models like Nano, Sumo, Indica and Indigo eCS in next 3-4 years. This seems to be a part of the automaker’s strategy to limit the number of platforms from 6 to 2 by 2020-21. However, the company is yet to make an official statement, but the rumors suggest the removal of these products from the car maker’s portfolio is inevitable.

The auto manufacturer has already revealed that it wants to roll out at least four new cars by the end of this decade and the passenger vehicles platforms will be reduced to 2 from current 6 platforms. These modular platforms will be underpinning the new crop of Tata cars. Despite being a revolutionary and dream product, Nano couldn’t fetch the desired success. Also, it has been at the centre of recent in-house trouble in Tata group.

Tata Motors to Replace Sumo and Movus 2

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While the automaker never stopped production of the small hatch, despite heavy loss for the project, now it seems it has acknowledged the fact and getting prepared to move on. It appears that the company wants discontinue the car along with Sumo, Indica and Indigo eCS to channelize the money towards the development of new platforms and new models. The Sumo has been one of the widely sold vehicles from the automaker for quite long time. It has been in business for 23 years without any significant change.

Speaking about the Indica and Indigo eCS, they both look pretty outdated. Therefore the automaker believes, it doesn’t worth continuing the production of these two cars. However, the removal of these cars from the brand’s portfolio will make space for new and more advanced models.

tata indica vista discontinued

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Currently, Tata Motors is trying its hand on different segment and unique products. The company has unveiled its first sportscar Racemo under the sub-brand Tamo, which is expected to launch in the country in December this year. Also, it has launched cars like Tiago, Tigor and Hexa which have earned pretty good response from the customers. Currently, it is working on another interesting product, the Nexon compact SUV.

Source: TOI