Tata Sierra To Make A Comeback As Electric SUV Only

Production Ready Version Tata Sierra Rendered

Tata Sierra EV will be underpinned by the dedicated electric vehicle architecture known as Sigma; could derive design influence from Sierra EV concept

According to a recent report that emerged on the internet, Tata Motors will bring back the Sierra nameplate in the coming years. The Sierra was in production between 1991 and 2003 and it was the first SUV to be designed and produced in India as well. At the 2020 Auto Expo, the homegrown manufacturer showcased the Sierra EV concept.

While the concept instigated plenty of anticipation, Tata did not officially say it would be put into production. The latest rumour indicates that the Sierra will return as an electrified model and it won’t have any ICE siblings. It will reportedly be the first model to be spawned out of the standalone EV firm Tata established recently.

The brand announced an investment of over Rs. 15,000 crore in its EV subsidiary, TPEML (Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited) and as many as ten zero-emission vehicles will come out of it over the next five years. It must be noted that some of the upcoming EVs will be upgrades of existing models or electric versions of the ICE vehicles offered currently.

tata sierra ev concept-11
Tata Sierra EV Concept

The Tata Sierra EV is said to be the first eco-friendly passenger vehicle from TPEML based on an all-new Sigma architecture. The presence of the dedicated EV platform meant that the Sierra won’t see petrol or diesel engine siblings. The new Born Electric base is a heavily re-engineered version of the ALFA (Agile Light Flexible Advanced) platform found in the Punch and Altroz.

The Sierra EV will have the SUV body type taking design inspiration from the conceptual version while keeping some of the signature elements of the old model intact. It will have the conventional five-door layout and is expected to have higher range capabilities compared to the Nexon and Tigor EVs as it could be positioned above them.

It will likely go on sale around 2025 and it will be preceded by a host of new electric vehicles from Tata. The company will introduce the 2022 Nexon EV with a higher battery range while the Tigor EV is also in the pipeline for the near future. In just over a week’s time, Tata will launch its new lineup of CNG vehicles in India.