Tata Safari Owner Demands Replacement After Rusting Issues, Police Called

Tata Safari Owner Rusting Issues Police

A Tata Safari owner frequently intimated to the dealership about the rusting issues; only exacerbated as days passed

A new car purchase is a dream for many especially if people are buying it for the first time as it involves social status. However, sometimes it can be distressing as this Tata Safari owner found out. He bought the three-row midsize SUV from a Tata dealer in Autovikas Moti Nagar, New Delhi and since taking delivery he has been noticing issues with the overall build.

He frequently intimated to the dealership about the rusting of body panels and hinge joints and the issue was exacerbated as days passed. Within four months, the owner, Rocky Vasisth, hailing from Faridabad noticed rusting issues in as many as forty-five places. With the dealer not taking proper steps to fix the complaint, the problem got worse when the owner made his latest visit.

The dealer called the police and as they arrive, the local media took notice of it and covered the dilemma. In the video linked below, it can be clearly seen that Mr. Vasisth’s Tata Safari has plenty of parts across the body rusted and he said he could not imagine it would happen considering that the SUV was bought for Rs. 21 lakh.

The rusting could be seen on the chassis, door and tailgate amongst other places and the owner demanded a replacement, which you would expect. But the dealer declined to offer a replacement as an authority from the dealership noted that the Mumbai-based manufacturer knows about the issue. He further said it could have been caused due to the unsuitable TDS level of water in Faridabad.

The owner does not accept such claims and is planning to take this to consumer court. The police were called by the dealership as a physical altercation was expected but it does not appear to be the case from the owner’s end.

Such issues definitely take a toll on the brand’s reputation. What do you think about it? Should he get a replacement? Will he get a replacement if he approaches court as it is a brand new vehicle?