Tata Revamping Dealerships Ahead Of Upcoming Harrier SUV’s Launch

tata harrier side view

Tata Motors is planning to revamp its dealerships to give premium experience for customers and initially, 100 dealerships will be upgraded

In this generation, manufacturers need to focus on customer experience at dealerships to improve sales as it plays a key role in the buying decision. Maruti Suzuki realised it much earlier and they introduced Nexa dealerships to give premium experience, which has worked well for the company. Now they are planning to introduce this same experience for regular dealerships under Arena theme.

Tata Motors is also following the footsteps of Maruti Suzuki as the company is going to revamp its dealerships and they want to give premium experience for customers. The manufacturer feels that current dealerships are not equipped enough to handle upcoming premium products starting with new Harrier SUV.

Mayank Pareek, president of the passenger vehicle business at Tata Motors said the company is making world-class cars and they can’t be sold through the current type of dealerships, so we have to make them world-class showrooms, the company has worked on a new showroom design and layout, which is still getting approved.

Puneet Gupta, associate director, HIS Markit said that it is the right time for Tata Motors to change the way its dealerships function as sales and market share of the company has increased in the last one year. The channel partners need to make investments to make them upgrade and to be inline with premium products they are going to sell in future.

tata harrier

Tata Motors plans to make 100 dealership upgrade to the new concept in next year and the rest will follow in coming years as currently, they have 770 dealerships. The company is planning to expand the dealership to 2000 by 2022, which is a big expansion plan and it will help them to reach small villages across the country.

The automaker is also focusing on technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as it will play a crucial role in future as customers will get to experience the model at popular locations like shopping malls. Pareek has also confirmed that the company won’t give any new name for its refreshed dealerships.