Tata Punch Vs Tata Harrier Detailed Design Comparison – Video

Tata Punch vs Harrier comparison front angle

Here, we compare the design of the soon-to-launch Tata Punch with the Harrier, to see the extent of similarities and differences in styling

Tata Motors will be launching the Punch micro-SUV in the Indian market on October 20. Bookings for the vehicle have already commenced, and the Punch has quite an extensive features list for a budget-friendly car. Also, Tata Punch has an extremely handsome design, which lends it a lot of road presence.

The exterior design of Tata Punch draws inspiration from its elder sibling, Tata Harrier. To see the similarities in styling, we decided to compare these two vehicles, as can be seen in our exclusive video below. Let’s start with the most obvious similarity – the front fascia of these two SUVs.

Both the Harrier and the Punch have a vertically-split headlamp setup, with LED DRLs and turn indicators at the top and the main headlamp positioned below. However, the front fog lamps on the Punch are located towards the bottom of the bumper, while on the Harrier, they’re just below the headlights. The front grille design is completely different between the two.

At the sides, we see that the Punch has a boxier profile, while the Harrier has a flowing silhouette. Both vehicles have strong creases running longitudinally at the sides, along with black plastic cladding all around. That said, the side cladding on the Punch is much thicker. Both SUVs get dual-tone alloy wheels but with completely different designs.

The rear door handles of the Punch are mounted on the C-pillars, and it gets wraparound LED taillights and faux roof rails. The Harrier’s LED taillights look sharper, and although it doesn’t have roof rails, it gets a chrome overline stretching from the A-pillar to the C-pillar on each side. Both vehicles have a bold name badge on the tailgate.

Tata Punch vs Harrier comparison rear angle

The interior of the Punch takes inspiration from the Nexon, and the look and feel are good for a budget car. However, the Harrier has a much more premium cabin, with generous use of leather and faux wood all around. Of course, due to larger dimensions, the Harrier has a lot more space on offer, and is much better equipped as well. The fit and finish of Tata Punch are comparable to the Harrier though, despite being way more affordable.

Although the Punch is way smaller than the Harrier, Tata has done a great job of making it look rugged and muscular. If you wish to buy an SUV this Diwali but are on a tight budget, the Punch will be a great option to choose.