Tata Punch Crashes Into Bricks At High Speed, Occupants Escape Unhurt

Tata Punch accident Gopalganj Bihar

In a recent incident from Gopalganj, Bihar, a Tata Punch crashed into a pile of bricks at high speed, but the occupants managed to escape unhurt

Road accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in India. As per MoRTH’s annual report [2021-22], a total of 3,66,138 road accidents were reported in India in 2020, in which 1,31,714 lives were lost. The ministry has stated that one of the major reasons for these accidents is the lack of knowledge about road regulations.

The ministry has also observed that there is a lack of skilled drivers in India. That said, it should be noted that plenty of accidents also happen due to unfortunate circumstances. Recently, a video of a car accident went viral online. In the video below, sourced from ABP Live, a Tata Punch can be seen losing control and ramming into a pile of bricks.

Thankfully, the vehicle’s two occupants did not sustain any noticeable injuries, and no bystanders were hurt. The impact of the crash must have been high, as the car parked nearby was pushed a little by the flying debris. It is clear that the little SUV was being driven at speeds way too high for roads like this, and the driver lost control and crashed.

We can clearly see that there is construction material lying uncovered on both sides of the road. The car runs into bricks and sand, the latter bringing it to a halt. On the other side of the road, we see loose cement in multiple piles. There’s cement on the road as well, which could perhaps be the reason why the car lost traction.

We cannot confirm this to be the cause of the accident just by analysing this video. Some reports have stated steering failure as the reason. We were unable to confirm that too. That said, loose cement/sand on roads and speeding cars are a dangerous combination. The driver should have kept the speeds low, and the people responsible for the construction material shouldn’t leave it lying uncovered near the road.

Tata Punch accident Gopalganj Bihar

It is also worth pointing out that Tata Punch is one of the safest cars in India. In Global NCAP crash tests, the car scored a 5-star rating for adult safety and a 4-star rating for child safety. It is indeed the car that is largely responsible for keeping its occupants safe in this accident, otherwise, the outcome could’ve been bad for them.