Tata Nexon’s Quality Issues Can Lead To An Accident Without Driver’s Fault, Says Nexon Owner – Details

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Ankush Kohli, the aggrieved Tata Nexon owner, says that he should have listened to all those who had suggested him to stay away from purchasing a Tata car

The Tata Nexon has been doing pretty well on the sales charts. At first look, it has a lot to offer. We can say this as it has many features, powerful engines, optional AMT, and it even looks quite modern and stylish. However, time and again, there have been many quality niggles that have marred the user experience of the owners of this SUV. Among the latest such incidents is an episode involving Ankush Kohli and his Nexon.

As per Ankush, his Tata Nexon developed multiple problems within a few days of ownership. At first, he couldn’t even imagine that his new car had developed steering noise and problems with the ABS as well as the steering column. While these could have been just minor niggles, Ankush soon experienced some more trouble in the form of a loose tailgate and strange noises from the engine. He even reports that the driver’s door would fail to open at times.

But this is just the start of his horrific tale. While he hoped to get remedies to all the problems in his Tata Nexon, the after sales experience turned out to be quite disappointing. He compares his car to an aeroplane that has a sure shot chance of crashing. He even goes on to say that the Tata Nexon is the most unreliable and unsafe car in the country. Many Tata Nexon owners have been impressed with the crash performance of their SUVs (As it is India’s first 5-star safety crash rated car) but Ankush says that the Nexon is not safe enough as its quality issues can lead to an accident without any fault of the driver.

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Ankush Kohli purchased his Tata Nexon XM on 3rd Dec 2018 from Pahwa Autoworld (MCTC Exim Pvt. Ltd.) – Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. From the first day of the ownership, Ankush could sense the driver seat adjuster moving on its own, which is something that could have led to an accident. Ankush spotted this soon after taking the delivery of his vehicle but was reassured by the dealer that there is no problem with the seat and that he can safely drive home.

After few days of ownership, the steering and the engine of his Tata Nexon started emitting strange noises in Sports mode. Ankush promptly called up the dealership but was told that the outlet has stopped serving Tata cars. Back then, Ankush’s Nexon was just about 500 km old and even under warranty. He was quick to contact another authorised service centre but his Nexon’s steering jammed before he could visit the service centre. The malfunctioning steering led him to crash into his building’s gate, which damaged the left side fender.

Ankush visited the service centre of Concorde Motors in Mohan Cooperative Estate on 16 January 2019. He was told to pick up his vehicle by 4 pm next day. However, the service centre couldn’t get all the job done on time, which made Ankush wait at the dealership for over 2 hours. Next day, he noticed that the new paint on the repaired fender didn’t match with the rest of the car. Finally, he was called to the service centre again and the fender received another paint coat.

After a few days, Ankush discovered that the ABS warning light on his speedo console was glowing. On calling the helpline, he was asked to contact a technician. To his horror, Ankush discovered that the said person had already left Tata Motors more than 6 months ago. Next, he complained on multiple channels, such as Tata Motors Toll-Free Number, TATA Motors Service Connect App, North Office in Gurugram, social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but he couldn’t get a satisfactory response from anywhere.

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After visiting the authorised service centre multiple times, all the issues were finally solved. Unfortunately, however, most of them started resurfacing within a few days of usage. Ankush also reports of another incident, wherein the tailgate of his Tata Nexon opened automatically while he was driving at 80 kmph on a highway. Luckily, the incident didn’t distract him and he didn’t lose control on the car before coming to a halt.

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Ankush says his work has suffered due to the multiple visits he had to make to the service centres. He’s also anguished that he is yet to receive a satisfactory reply from any of the channels that has approached. Currently, the aggrieved customer prays that whatever pain he has gone through shouldn’t be experienced by anyone else. He urges everyone to stay away from buying a Tata Nexon, or any Tata product for that matter, as these vehicles can spell havoc to the safety and mental peace of the owner.

We are really sad to hear about Ankush Kohli’s plight. This is not the first time that Tata Motors has received flak owing to poor quality control and shoddy after sales service. We really hope the manufacturer gets its act together before it suffers unrepairable damage to its reputation. There is no doubt that Tata cars have really come of age. It’s now high time for the company to get its quality control and after-sales service sorted. It’s also the duty of the manufacturer to ensure Ankush receives remedies for all the problems his Tata Nexon has been facing.