Tata Nexon Involved In Brutal Accident, Impact Detached Engine

tata nexon accident-1

The Tata Nexon scored 5-stars in Adult Occupant Protection and a 3-stars in Child Occupant Protection in the Global NCAP crash tests, making it one of the safest cars in India

As tested by Global NCAP under the ‘Safer Cars for India’ initiative, the pre-facelift Tata Nexon scored a 4-star rating in the first attempt. However, Tata quickly made some changes to the sub-compact SUV and sent it for the test again. The result? The Tata Nexon went on to become the first Indian car to receive a 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash tests.

We have heard numerous stories about how the Tata Nexon’s build quality has always saved the people onboard during unfortunate times, and here is another one coming from God’s Own Country. A person driving a Tata Nexon was involved in a very serious crash that resulted in the car being rolled over on its roof.

The car was reportedly being driving beyond the specified speed limits, and wet road conditions led the driver to lose control of the Tata Nexon, which went and banged into something, before turning upside down. The crash was so severe that the engine of the sub-4m SUV somehow flew out of the engine bay and fell at a remarkable distance from the car.

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The Tata Nexon looks completely totalled, however, the car was able to save its sole occupant – the driver, who walked away with a broken shoulder. The driver of the car escaped what could turn out to be a fatal crash, which goes on to prove the Tata Nexon’s superior build quality.

On the safety front, Tata has equipped the Nexon with features like dual frontal airbags, ABS with EBD, Electronic Stability Program, Electronic Traction Control, reverse parking sensors, Roll-over mitigation, Hydraulic Brake Assist, Hill Hold Control, Brake Disc Wiping as standard across the range. Additionally, the higher-end trims get front fog lamps with cornering assistance, a rear parking camera, automatic headlamps etc.

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While all these features ensure safety of the occupants inside the car, they certainly do not guarantee the safety for other people on the road. A mishap like this can easily be avoided by following all traffic rules and driving carefully, especially when the weather conditions aren’t favourable.