Tata Nexon Hits Toyota Fortuner; SUV Rolls Over – Costs Rs. 11 Lakh In Repair

toyota fortuner vs tata nexon accident1

Tata Nexon’s build quality has again been reiterated in this accident and is the most affordable 5-star rated car in India

In the past, there have been numerous stories shared by the Tata customers praising about the quality of the vehicles. In the Nexon’s early days, many customers shared pictures of the accidental cars and how the build quality of the Nexon saved them and their family. Here is one more such story that reiterates about the build quality of the Nexon.

The post shared on the Tata Nexon owners group does not say who exactly the accident happened. However, the owner of the Tata Nexon says that his vehicle and a Toyota Fortuner collided. The impact caused the Fortuner to roll over four times.

The occupants of the Tata Nexon came out safely after the accident. However, it is not mentioned if the occupants of the Toyota Fortuner came out unhurt. The Toyota Fortuner is an extremely safe vehicle, and if all the occupants were wearing a seatbelt, even the rollovers would have caused any significant injury to the occupants.

toyota fortuner vs tata nexon accident2

Further, the post mentions that the insurance claim for repair of Toyota Fortuner is Rs 11 lakh. The exact details of the accident have not been shared, but it seems like the Nexon has hit the Fortuner on its side. The Toyota Fortuner is a tall vehicle and the centre-of-gravity located at a higher spot.

This is why, it rolled over after getting hit by the Nexon, which is relatively a much smaller and lower vehicle. All the SUVs of Toyota Fortuner or bigger size have a higher centre of gravity, which causes body roll. This is the reason why the SUVs cannot be driven at high speeds around the corner.

toyota fortuner vs tata nexon accident3

The Toyota Fortuner comes with a long list of features including 6-airbags, traction control and vehicle stability management. Even the pictures of the Fortuner show that none of the pillars has collapsed, which is a testimony of its build quality. There is no doubt that the Nexon is solidly built too, and the pictures show minimal damage to the front-end of the vehicle in what it seems like a high-impact accident.