Tata Motors to Supply 619 HMV Trucks to Indian Army

Tata Motors To Supply 619 HMV Army Trucks

Tata Motors to supply 619 HMV trucks to Indian Army as it signed a follow-on contract

The country’s largest automotive manufacturer has announced that it has penned a follow-on contract with the prestigious Indian Army. As per the deal, Tata Motors will be supplying the multi-axle 6×6 HMV (High-Mobility Vehicles) trucks of 619 numbers to the armed forces.

The Tata 6X6 HMV vehicle serves the duties of loading and unloading whilst transporting spares, ammunition pallets and operational equipment. The new contract has come after the Army chose Tata Motors to provide 1,239 units of the 6×6 HMV in the initial phase.

The company boasts that, under the defence ministry’s DPP (Defence Procurement Procedure), the monopoly order is the largest won by an Indian private original equipment manufacturer in land systems from the Indian Army. Tata competed against some of the top European defence vehicle producers to get this contract signed but no finances of the deal had been revealed.

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The LPTA 2038 6X6 or High Mobility Vehicle 6×6 is based on a heavy platform and comes under the non rate contract vehicle type. It weighs 23.5 tonnes and develops a massive power output of 276 kW (370 bhp). The six-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle has been designed and developed with hardcore on and off-roads in mind.

It was trialled and tested to physically go through any surfaces it’s been put on with such as in plains, cross-country terrains, deep water-fording, etc. Its enormous capabilities are testament to the fact that it had passed through the Vehicle Research & Development Establishment torture track.

Tata Motors’ defence product line-up consists of a number of vehicles designated for several purposes. They are designed to support the tactical manoeuvre of combat operations according to Tata. The categories include troop carriers, ambulance, water tankers, trucks and tippers and the highly sophisticated specialist vehicles for military purposes.

The Toop Carriers has vehicles such as Tata LSV, LPTA 713, SD 1015, LPTA 1623; Ambulances like Tata Light Specialist Vehicle, LPTA 715, LPA 713; Water Tankers namely SD 1015, LPTA 715 and Truck and Tippers with SD 1015, Tata LPA 713, Tata LPTA 1623.

All the above mentioned products have been modified with peculiar characteristics to serve distinct purposes. The halo Specialist Vehicles manufactured by Tata are LPTA 1623 6X6, LPTA 1623 4X4, LPTA 2038 6X6 or High Mobility Vehicle 6×6, LPTA 3138 8X8 or High Mobility Vehicle 8×8 and LPS 4928.

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