Suresh Rangarajan, Head Of Corp Comm TML Accused Of Sexual Harassment

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Suresh Rangarajan, Head of Corporate Communications at Tata Motors, is being investigated for inappropriate behaviour against women

You do hear about this in corporate firms across different sectors when women break their shackles to come out and speak in the open on social media. Indian automobile industry seems to be a no exception and behaviour like this, if proved right, should be a punishable offence apart from sacking the individual no matter what his/her position would be.

It is shocking to see such allegations in our industry but then again the grief-stricken reality is upon us everytime we do not need them. A Journalist named Sandhya Menon broke the story of alleged sexual harassment against a woman who blamed Suresh Rangarajan, Head of Corporate Communications at Tata Motors, about illegitimate behaviour a number of occasions.

The screenshot she shared on Twitter will let you into the allegations made against Suresh Rangarajan, and they are nothing short of disturbing and helpless. The Tweet received plenty of attention and it creates a substandard name to Tata Motors due to an individual working at the top of the ladder. We hope appropriate actions will be taken sooner rather than later.

Tata Motors’ official Twitter handle has confirmed that investigation is underway and appropriate action will be taken following the inquiry. Another Tweet from the brand mentioned, in the wake of the enquiry by ICC (Internal Complaints Committee), Suresh Rangarajan, has been asked to proceed on leave for allowing an objective enquiry to be completed as soon as possible.

Tata Motors' Head Of Corp Comm Suren Rangarajan Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Tata Motors has further explained that the company is strict to the commitment of ensuring safe working environment to women and the investigation is being proceeded as per law by ICC. If found to be guilty, the offender will be charged against Tata’s code of conduct and necessary steps will be implemented.

#MeToo movement has been formed against sexual harassment and assault, and it spread virally a year ago as a hashtag used on social media in an attempt to demonstrate widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment mainly in the workplace, and Tata Motors is now at the receiving end of it.