Tata Motors Introduces Electronic Stability Control On Commercial Vehicles

TATA MOTORS T1 PRIMA TRUCK RACING (tata motors electronic stability control)

Tata has revealed ESC along with Automatic Traction Control (ATC) and Hill Start Aid (HSA) for improved safety of medium and heavy commercial vehicles

Tata Motors has displayed a new safety technology, Electronic Stability Control, for the family of Prima and Signa trucks in Chennai. For additional vehicle stability and safety, it also offers Automatic Traction Control (ATC) and Hill Start Aid (HSA) for its range of trucks and buses to help in preventing truck and bus accidents.

Created in association with WABCO India, the safety techs will reduce accident risk and provide increased vehicle stability while the subsequent value additions like improved vehicle uptime and lower repair costs enhance the efficiency of the commercial vehicles. Tata says the introduction of new safety technologies will further reiterate the commitments to strengthen the safety performance of its products.

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Tata is the first OEM in the domestic market to deploy Electronic Stability Control – ESCsmart – to medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Through the partnership with WABCO, the brand has improved on different parameters of Electronic Stability Control to suit Indian road conditions.

The ESC is added on with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) introduced as part of regulatory compliance formulated by the government for vehicles more than 12 ton GVW. Along with ABS, the ESC provides safety under demanding conditions of various handling maneuvers to prevent or minimise the probability of accidents.

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ESC predicts the approaching instability and automatically intervenes by applying brakes to avoid rollover, skidding and jack-knifing. It measures vehicle’s lateral acceleration and roll about its vertical axis through sensors and applies brakes on selective wheels to control instability.

It prevents jack-knifing in tractor-trailer and improves directional stability during dynamic maneuvers along with prevent rollover during turning at high speed. It is claimed to help eliminate more than 50 percent of rollover crashes and reduce loss-of-control crashes by 25 percent.

The Automatic Traction Control, on the other hand, aids in avoiding wheel spin during acceleration under different surface conditions – especially on slippery surface like mining, water and ice. The Hill Start Aid works to stop roll back of the vehicle during stop and go situation on an uphill gradient and helps minimise clutch and brake liner wear.