Zero Units Of Tata Indica And Indigo CS Retailed In April; Discontinued?

tata indica discontinued

The Tata Indica and Indigo CS appear to have been discontinued due to less demand among customers after years of posting good volume

The homegrown manufacturer launched Tata Indica two decades ago. It was the first passenger car from the brand and also largely considered as India’s first indigenously developed one. Up until August 2008, over 9,10,000 units of the hatchback were produced and the platform spawned nearly 1.2 million vehicles, making it the most significant model yet through Tata’s journey as a passenger vehicle manufacturer.

The Indica’s domestic popularity led to Tata exporting the model to countries in Europe and Africa as well. The “More car per car” ad campaign did wonders for Tata with focus on roomy interiors and affordability. The vehicle that received a mind-boggling 1,15,000 orders within a week of its original launch in 1998 has had its heydays but due to the new age vehicles understandably its popularity has shrunken.

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In recent years, fleet operators as opposed to family-based customers have largely preferred the Indica. It was mainly due to the fact that Tata Motors has been introducing new cars pertaining to latest trends and also that the market trend has often shifted. In the last year or so, the sales number of the Indica had not been impressive.

This had made us wonder if the five-door compact hatchback was pulled out of the market as no units were retailed in April 2018. If that turns out to be the case, it is absolutely end of an era for a revolutionary product of its time. The Indica did showcase what Indian manufacturers can actually do and they are good enough to compete against established global leaders.

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The Indigo CS, on the other hand, has also likely been shelved as well because zero units were retailed last month but we do not have any confirmation from the brand regarding whether the Indica and Indigo CS were discontinued or not.

Launched in 2008, the Indigo CS was based on the regular Indigo introduced in the previous year and it was originally designed to appeal for buyers who sought an inexpensive three-box car before going on to kick-start a new sub-four metre sedan trend that has boomed in the last few years.