Tata Harrier Prices Hiked By Up To Rs. 46,000 – New Vs Old Price List


While Tata Motors dealers across the country offered hefty discounts on Tata Harrier last month, prices of the company’s most modern SUV have now been hiked by up to Rs 46,000

Last month, Tata Motors dealerships across the country were seen offering great discounts amounting to up to Rs 1.75 lakh on the Harrier. This month, however, the sticker price of the company’s most modern SUV has seen a significant increase.

It should be mentioned here that this price hike isn’t due to the introduction of the BSVI-compliant engines but it’s usual for the company to increase the prices of its models at the onset of every new year. Hence, another price hike can be expected around the time BSVI version goes on sale at Auto Expo 2020.

With the recent price hike, the Tata Harrier now retails in a price range of Rs 13.45 lakh to Rs 17.32 lakh (ex-showroom). Basically, prices of all variants of the SUV have increased in the tune of Rs 37,000-46,000.

Source: Soarabh Sidana

The XE (base) variant was earlier priced at Rs 12.99 while the XZ dual-tone top-end variant was earlier priced at Rs 16.95 lakh. The XM variant is now priced at Rs 14.71 lakh, which is Rs 46,000 higher than the earlier price of Rs 14.25 lakh. The XT variant now costs Rs 15.91 lakh, which is an increment of Rs 46,000 from Rs 15.45 lakh earlier.

Tata Harrier Variants Old Price 2019 New Price 2020
Harrier XE  12.99 Lakh 13.45 Lakh (+46K)
Harrier XM 14.25 Lakh 14.71 Lakh (+46K)
Harrier XT 15.45 Lakh 15.91 Lakh (+45K)
Harrier XT Dark 15.55 Lakh 16.00 Lakh (+45K)
Harrier XZ  16.75 Lakh 17.21 Lakh (+46K)
Harrier XZ Dark 16.85 Lakh 17.30 Lakh (+45K)
Harrier XZ Dual Tone 16.95 Lakh 17.32 Lakh (+37K)

The XT Dark (black paint) variant is now priced at Rs 16 lakh, which is an increment of Rs 45,000 from 15.55 lakh earlier. The top-spec XZ trim of the Tata Harrier is now priced at Rs 17.21 lakh as compared to Rs 16.75 lakh earlier.

Tata Harrier Pro Edition

The Dark and the Dual-tone paint variants of the top-spec XZ trim of Tata Harrier now cost Rs 17.30 lakh and Rs 17.32 lakh, respectively. While the former is Rs 45,000 costlier than before, the latter has seen an increment of Rs 37,000.