Tata Harrier New Details Out To Keep You More Excited!

tata harrier blue

The biggest launch from Tata of this year will happen soon, almost all the details of the Harrier are out!

Tata Harrier would be launched in the Indian market next month and Tata has officially revealed the vehicle through pictures. Tata has also officially started taking the bookings for the Harrier and has announced that the deliveries will start from January 2019. Tata will reveal more details in the coming weeks but here is a slew of new information that makes the Tata Harrier look like a winner on the paper.

1. Gets a lot of JLR parts

The Harrier is the first vehicle that uses the JLR parts extensively. The vehicle will get a lot of JLR parts that are very different from the parts that Tata uses. To ensure that the vehicles can be properly fixed when needed, Tata has already finished the service training that teaches the technicians of the workshops to open the vehicle successfully. The Harrier’s internal mechanicals would need special tools to open and cannot be opened by everyone.

2. Comfortable ride

The Harrier gets the OmegaArc platform, which is a heavily modified version of the JLR LR550, which underpins the Land Rover Discovery. During the earlier days, Tata tested the new chassis with the Land Rover Discovery body. It has surfaced that the front suspension of the Harrier is straight from the Discovery SUV itself while the rear ones are also from Discovery, they have been modified a bit.

It is not known if the modifications done to the suspension are to make them more rugged. The suspension system is sealed and cannot be adjusted during the wheel alignment. Only a trained person will be able to do such things on the Harrier.

Tata Harrier Production Version 1

3. Very spacious and comfortable

The Harrier would be extremely spacious. It offers only five seats but the rear seats get enough room to accommodate three passengers comfortably. Tata has also used futuristic features like connected infotainment system, an SRS airbag system, charging ports in the rear seats, rear AC vents, cooled compartment and much more. Even though the details of the features are not known, it would be more than what any competitor offers at the moment.

4. 4X4 not launching now

The Harrier has been in development for a relatively short time. It has been built from grounds up using a new chassis. Tata will only offer the diesel 4X2 version of the Harrier in the market for now. It is the only product that is ready for the launch. Other variants including a 4X4 set-up powered by a petrol engine would be launched at a later time.

5. Gets driving modes

Even though Tata will not offer a 4WD system with the Harrier during the launch, all the variants would get three modes that will ensure maximum driving pleasure. There would be Normal, Wet and Rough modes in the Harrier. The different modes changed the engine output in the Nexon, something similar is expected in the Harrier.

tata harrier rear pics

6. Best infotainment system till date

Tata has dumped Harman and has chosen Visteon for the Heads Unit. The infotainment system is the largest any Tata car has offered till date. Tata has been using the Harman speaker system in their vehicles but the Harrier may come with a different set of speakers that have better output. To make the things even better, Tata has used double insulation to reduce the engine clatter and make the cabin super silent.

7. Wheel size revealed

The Tata Harrier would be offered in a range of variants. The top-end variants would get the 17-inch alloy wheels while the lower variants would get the 16-inch ones. Tyres would be supplied by Goodyear. Given the road conditions in India, Tata has played it safe with the rim size. Higher size rims make the ride quality very uncomfortable.

8. Service period

The Harrier would get the same 6 months, 7,500 km service period. The vehicle would be called every 7,5000 km. It would get inspected every 7,5000 km while the major service will happen at 15,000 km. It is the regular schedule followed by all the Tata cars.