Tata Harrier Gets Into A Brutal Accident, All Passengers Unhurt


Tata Harrier is built on the manufacturer’s OMEGA platform, which is a derivative of Land Rover’s D8 platform

Road accidents in India claim an average of 414 lives in India every day (Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, 2019), and are the leading cause of death and injury in our country. Road safety is one of the most neglected aspects of our daily lives, but thankfully, the safety standard of vehicles is improving, which has helped save a lot of lives.

Here, we have news of an accident, involving a Tata Harrier, in which all the passengers escaped without a scratch. The images of the aftermath have been shared by the owner of the vehicle, Sajeev Pulkunnu. The extent of damage can be seen in these pictures, and it seems to be quite serious. The headlamps are broken, the bonnet is dented, and the front windshield is badly cracked.

The roof of the car has caved in a little, presumably along with the A-pillars. The windows and rear windscreen are shattered, the tailgate has been crushed, and the rear bumper and taillights are also broken. The occupants are lucky to be alive, let alone completely unhurt, after such a dangerous crash.

Tata Harrier accident 4

The owner states that the accident was caused when a lorry suddenly swerved into his Harrier’s path. To avoid hitting it, he drove the vehicle off the side of the road and lost control. The vehicle drove over a felled tree, lying in the fields nearby, causing it to roll over. Finer details of the accident, like the exact location and time, are not yet known.

The vehicle also deserves credit for keeping its occupants safe; Tata Motors has gained a lot of fame lately due to the high safety standard of their vehicles. While the Tata Harrier hasn’t been crash-tested yet, other Tata cars, namely Nexon, Altroz, Tigor, and Tiago, are a few of the safest vehicles manufactured in India, as certified by Global NCAP.

Tata Harrier accident 2

Tata Harrier is powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine, which delivers 170 PS of maximum power and 350 Nm of peak torque. Buyers can choose between a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The SUV is priced from Rs. 13.84 lakh to Rs. 20.30 lakh in the Indian market.