Tata Harrier Digitally Reimagined As A Bulletproof Luxury Limo

Tata Harrier armoured SUV

Here, we have a digital rendering of an armoured Tata Harrier luxury limousine, complete with a video showcasing the design process

We often see VVIPs, millionaire businessmen, and high-ranking government officials drive around in armoured cars, usually based on luxury cars, or premium cars that get modified to offer more luxury. We’ve seen plenty of cars over the years being used as armoured transportation – BMWs, Mercs, and even Toyota Fortuners. How about a Tata Harrier though?

Tata Harrier is a premium crossover SUV that offers loads of space and comfort to its occupants. However, if Indian bureaucrats (or even the ones in other countries) wished to use it as their official conveyance, it would have to undergo some significant transformation.

Here, we have a digital rendering of a Tata Harrier, modified into a long-wheelbase, bulletproof, luxury limousine. The video below, uploaded by SRK Designs, shows us the entire design process of this customised vehicle. The video begins with an image of a stock Harrier, and the creator begins the customisation by stretching the car from the middle.

The added length in the middle is separate from the rear doors, and another pillar has been added to maintain structural rigidity. A heavy tint has also been added to the windows, as is usually the case with high-security bureaucrat vehicles. The dual-tone exterior paint (red with black roof) is replaced with an all-black paint, which looks quite intimidating.

To complete the look, the Indian flag is added just over the front-left wheel arch, along with a tiny tricolour emblem on the front grille. The design for the alloy wheels is also new – simple yet pretty. As this is a high-security vehicle, we’re also imagining it to offer a set of run-flat tyres. The body should have heavy-duty ballistics protection as well, to keep occupants safe at all times.

The 2020 Tata Harrier is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine, which generates a max power of 170 PS and a peak torque of 350 Nm. The power output is enough to hurl this SUV around, even with armour on, but we expect the performance to take a toll. A bigger motor would surely solve that problem though!