Tata Altroz Vs Hyundai i20 – Specs & Updated Price Comparison

i20 vs altroz

Here, we have a brief comparison between Hyundai i20 and Tata Altroz, with their latest prices, to see how they fare against each other

Tata Altroz and the current-gen Hyundai i20 were both introduced in India in 2020. Both cars have undergone multiple price revisions since their launch, and they have seen a few updates in other departments as well, to keep customers interested in these premium hatchbacks.

In case you’re wondering if these two cars are still competitive in today’s market with their (fairly) expensive prices, then keep reading ahead.

Tata Altroz vs Hyundai i20 – Engine specifications

Both the hatchbacks are available with three engine options – a naturally aspirated petrol unit, a turbocharged petrol unit, and a turbocharged diesel unit. While their NA petrol engines are very closely matched, the turbo-petrol version of Hyundai i20 is significantly more powerful than Tata Altroz i-Turbo.

Specifications Tata Altroz (petrol variants) Hyundai i20 (petrol variants)
Engine size 1.2-litre/1.2-litre 1.2-litre/1.0-litre
Engine type Naturally aspirated, inline-3, petrol / Turbocharged,inline-3, petrol Naturally aspirated, inline-4, petrol / Turbocharged, inline-3, petrol
Max. power 86 PS/110 PS 83 PS/120 PS
Max. torque 113 Nm/140 Nm 114 Nm/172 Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT, 6-speed DCT (NA petrol) / 5-speed MT (turbo-petrol) 5-speed MT, CVT (1.2L) / 6-speed iMT, 7-speed DCT (1.0L)

Hyundai i20 3

The diesel version of i20 is also more powerful than the diesel version of Altroz. Interestingly, the diesel engines of both cars are only available with manual gearboxes. Automatic transmission options are offered with both petrol engines of the Hyundai hatchback, while Tata only offers an automatic transmission on the NA petrol version of Altroz.

Specifications Tata Altroz (diesel variants) Hyundai i20 (diesel variants)
Engine size 1.5-litre 1.5-litre
Engine type Turbocharged, inline-4, diesel Turbocharged, inline-4, diesel
Max. power 90 PS 100 PS
Max. torque 200 Nm 240 Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT 6-speed MT

Tata Altroz vs Hyundai i20 – Price comparison

tata altroz iturbo interior-1-2

Tata Altroz is significantly more affordable than Hyundai i20, but the latter has a lot more features and equipment on offer. As such, the price disparity between them makes sense, but still, the Tata hatchback is a great choice if your budget doesn’t stretch very high.

Tata Altroz (1.2L NA petrol variants) Hyundai i20 (1.2L NA petrol variants)
Rs. 6.20 lakh (XE) Rs. 7.03 (Magna)
Rs. 6.55 lakh (XE Plus)
Rs. 7.15 lakh (XM Plus), Rs. 8.25 lakh (XMA Plus)
Rs. 7.65 lakh (XT), Rs. 8.75 lakh (XTA) Rs. 7.93 lakh (Sportz), Rs. 8.95 (Sportz CVT)
Rs. 8.11 lakh (XT Dark), Rs. 9.21 lakh (XTA Dark) Rs. 8.08 lakh (Sportz Dual-tone)
Rs. 8.15 lakh (XZ), Rs. 9.25 lakh (XZA) Rs. 8.81 lakh (Asta), Rs. 9.95 lakh (Asta CVT)
Rs. 8.27 lakh (XZ Opt), Rs. 9.37 lakh (XZA Opt) Rs. 9.55 lakh (Asta Opt), Rs. 10.57 lakh (Asta Opt CVT)
Rs. 8.65 lakh (XZ Plus), Rs. 9.75 lakh (XZA Plus)
Rs. 8.95 lakh (XZ Plus Dark), Rs. 10.0 lakh (XZA Plus Dark) Rs. 9.70 lakh (Asta Opt Dual-tone), Rs. 10.72 lakh (Asta Opt CVT Dual-tone)

Hyundai i20_

Tata Altroz (1.2L turbo-petrol variants) Hyundai i20 (1.0L turbo-petrol variants)
Rs. 8.25 lakh (XT) Rs. 8.84 lakh (Sportz iMT), Rs. 9.81 lakh (Sportz DCT)
Rs. 8.71 lakh (XT Dark)
Rs. 8.87 lakh (XZ) Rs. 10.05 lakh (Asta iMT), Rs. 10.81 lakh (Asta DCT)
Rs. 8.87 lakh (XZ Opt) Rs. 10.20 lakh (Asta iMT Dual-tone)
Rs. 9.25 lakh (XZ Plus) Rs. 11.39 lakh (Asta Opt DCT)
Rs. 9.55 lakh (XZ Plus Dark) Rs. 11.54 lakh (Asta Opt DCT Dual-tone)

tata altroz new opel blue 1

Tata Altroz (1.5L diesel variants) Hyundai i20 (1.5L diesel variants)
Rs. 7.43 lakh (XE) Rs. 8.34 lakh (Magna)
Rs. 7.75 lakh (XE Plus)
Rs. 8.35 lakh (XM Plus)
Rs. 8.85 lakh (XT) Rs. 9.20 lakh (Sportz)
Rs. 9.31 lakh (XT Dark)
Rs. 9.35 lakh (XZ)
Rs. 9.47 lakh (XZ Opt) Rs. 10.75 lakh (Asta Opt)
Rs. 9.85 lakh (XZ Plus)
Rs. 10.15 lakh (XZ Plus Dark) Rs. 10.90 lakh (Asta Opt Dual-tone)

Tata Altroz also has an advantage in terms of safety (5-star adult safety rating for Altroz against a 3-star adult safety rating for Hyundai i20 in Global NCAP crash tests). However, if you’re a technophile, you’ll be more attracted to i20.