Tata Altroz Stolen During Test Drive, Keyless Start Saves The Day

Tata Altroz Dark front low angle

A Tata Altroz was stolen from a dealership in Ujjain under the guise of a test drive, but the thieves’ plan was spoiled by modern tech

Cars these days are loaded to the brim with useful features and equipment, even the budget-friendly ones. Such features help enhance the convenience, safety, and security factors of a vehicle. In a recent incident in Ujjain, a Tata dealership managed to recover a stolen Altroz hatchback, thanks to its advanced features.

On January 25th, Tuesday, two crooks visited Sanghi Brothers Tata showroom on Agar road in Ujjain, at around 3 to 5 P.M. The pair stated that they were interested in Tata Altroz, and wanted to take one out for a test drive. After completing the formalities, the miscreant duo took the car out for a spin, with a showroom executive named Vishnu seated with them.

After driving for a little distance, the person driving the car reportedly said that there was some problem with the car. They asked Vishnu to check the problem, but when he exited the car, the friends drove off quickly. The showroom executive immediately called the dealership, and a complaint was lodged at Chimanganj Mandi police station.

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During the investigation, on Wednesday morning, the police received information that the stolen car was parked at Veer Sawarkar Nagar. The thieves, however, had fled without the car. When they had stolen the car, the key was in the pocket of the showroom executive. The test drive model was fitted with keyless ignition, commonly known as push-button start, which only requires the key to be inside the car to start the engine.

At the first stop, when the thieves turned the engine off, there was no way to start it back up. Also, as the key was nowhere in the vicinity of the vehicle, once they exited the car, the doors would also lock up. It seems like the miscreants panicked when they realised that they were locked out of the car, and then they decide to flee, leaving the hatchback behind.

Karan Kunwal, SI, Chimanganj Mandi police station, has stated that the identity of the thieves has been discovered, and the conclusion of the case will be revealed soon. The dealership has CCTV footage of the scoundrels, which helped with the matter.

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