Tata Altroz (5-Star GNCAP) Splits In Two After A Lethal Crash

Tata Altroz severe crash img1

In a recent accident in Madhya Pradesh, an overspeeding Tata Altroz lost control and slammed into a tree, breaking into two halves

Tata Altroz is one of the safest cars currently on sale in India. In Global NCAP crash tests, the hatchback scored a 5-star adult safety rating and a 3-star child safety rating, which is quite impressive. Several reports of real-life accidents have also come to light, in which lives were saved, despite the crashes being scarily dangerous.

However, a car can only protect its occupants up to a limit, and sometimes, people go beyond these limits. Here, we have a report of an accident of Tata Altroz from Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh, in which the car got split into two halves. As per local news, the vehicle had five people on board and was overspeeding, when suddenly, the driver lost control.

The hatchback then slammed into a tree violently, which crushed the rear half of the car and flung it away from the front half. Sadly, the three passengers seated at the back passed away, and the two in the front were rushed to a hospital with major injuries. The images show the severity of the crash; the rear section has been crumpled beyond recognition, while the passenger cabin area in the front half is still somewhat intact.

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This unfortunate incident should serve as a reminder to all of us to always drive safely. Overspeeding and rash driving can lead to severe crashes, and sometimes, even a safe car will struggle to keep you out of harm’s way. A lot of people take traffic safety lightly, flouting rules and regulations frequently, thus endangering themselves as well as other road users.

Sometimes, poorly built and maintained roads can also lead to accidents, which is another major concern. India is infamous for road accidents, with one of the highest mortality rates in road crashes in the world.

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Thankfully, awareness about road safety has been rising among people in India. Global NCAP has crash-tested several cars from the Indian market and published the results publicly. Indian manufacturers Tata and Mahindra have faired pretty well in these tests, gaining good safety scores.