Tamo’s Future Uncertain after Racemo Production Plan Dropped

Tata RaceMo 1

Tata has shelved the plan to launch its first sports coupe Racemo that was supposed to launch in December 2017

Tata Motors’ sub-brand Tamo’s fate is uncertain after the homegrown auto major has dropped the plan to make its first sportscar Racemo. Tata Motors formed the Tamo sub-brand with ambition to enter new segment with exciting new products. At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the automaker created quite a sensation with the Racemo sports coupe under the Tamo brand. But, just last week, the company decided to shelve the plan.

Currently, Tata Motors aims to focus on the commercial vehicle business and this is the reason, the company has decided to scrap the plan to produce Racemo sportscar. With this, the auto manufacturer will be able to channelize its investment on the commercial vehicle segment. But, scrapping the plan has made the future of the Tamo sub-brand uncertain, as the Racemo project was its first venture.

Tata Racemo India Launch Price

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Designed at Tata’s Turin studio as Futuro concept it was based on the Advanced Modular Platform and the Racemo was supposed to be launched in December this year and upon arrival, it was expected to be the cheapest sports coupe in the country, as the brand was planning to price it at around Rs. 25 lakh (ex-showroom). Also, this company said it would produce a limited number of 250 units of the Racemo sportscar.

The car was not actually expected to be a very profitable model. But, it was surely Tata’s gateway to enter a whole new world of performance cars. But, this entire project needed the company to invest Rs. 250 crore and this is why Tata refrained itself from making the Racemo. Instead, the brand is eager to get back the market share it lost in the CV segment.

Tata Racemo India Launch Price

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Interestingly, Tata Motors has been the biggest CV manufacturer in the country. But, in recent past, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland and several other brands are giving Tata a tough competition. Not only scrapping of Racemo, but Tata is showing reluctance toward its partnership with the Volkswagen as well and all these are due to the brand’s CV ambition.

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