Take A Look At This Gorgeous Modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Royal Enfield Interceptor modified 1

Check out this custom-built RE Interceptor 650, which sports a unique paint job, Öhlins suspension, and a TEC Stinger exhaust system

Royal Enfield motorcycles are the preferred choice of custom-builders in India. Hundreds of enthusiasts across the country treat RE motorcycles as blank canvases, perfect for expressing their creativity and passion. We’ve come across plenty of customised Royal Enfield bikes on the streets and online, some of which were truly magnificent.

Here, we have a modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, which is one of the most beautiful custom-built bikes we’ve ever seen. The owner, Russel Chris Godfrey, has built this machine for his daughter, Amy. The 8 ball on the fuel tank is a reference to her birthday, 8th March. The tank has been hand-painted, and the maroon paint changes shades as per the lighting. Also, the golden areas on the 8 ball and the scroll feature real gold leaves!

The engine assembly is partly blacked-out, and we also see custom engine covers with fin-like design. The engine gets a stage 2 remap, NGK spark plug, three different sets of gearing (for different riding styles), a booster plug, and a TEC 2-1 Stinger exhaust system. An S&S camshaft and PowerTRONIC ECU piggyback system are in the works. An oil temp gauge, from JMP Germany, has been added as well.

Royal Enfield Interceptor modified 2

The motorcycle also gets two leather pouches, custom-built by Raw and Rugged Leather Co. The motorcycle also gets Öhlins front forks (preload adjustable) and Öhlins rear suspension with golden springs and canister. The tank rack, turn signals, and taillight are from Motone Custom UK, while the handlebar grips are from Trip Machine. A Beeline Moto navigation system has been mounted on the handlebar brace. The seat is custom as well, and has been revised three times in the search for the perfect proportions and comfort.

The owner also has two different handlebars for the bike – one stock and one from Baak Motocyclettes. The former has an Adelin master cylinder mounted on it, while the latter gets a Brembo master cylinder. The brake pads are from EBC, and the owner is planning to install EBC wave rotors as well soon. Also, compared to the stock motorcycle, this particular model has lost at least 30 kgs.

Royal Enfield Interceptor modified 4

The front wheel is stock, while the rear wheel is a Triumph aftermarket performance unit, with a Bonneville T100-spec rear tyre. The pillion grab rail is based on the one on the Bonnie. The owner has stated that his motorcycle took him a year-and-a-half to build, and he’s still adding things to it. Also, this bike was customised at home, piece-by-piece, and not built by a custom garage.