Suzuki To Showcase Two Concepts At Upcoming Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Waku Spo Front

Suzuki Waku Spo and Suzuki Hanare concepts are expected to impress the audience flocking to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) revised its business forecast for the current FY by lowering net sales estimates by 10.3 per cent due to slowdown in the Indian market and lower production in Japan. It won’t stop Suzuki from putting on a strong show at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show though, as 19 cars and 8 motorcycles will be exhibited.

The biannual show is opening its door on October 24 and Suzuki has two major concepts lineup for the event. The Japanese brand says the display theme for this year will be “Waku Waku Switch for Everyone: Excitement for you, excitement for everyone.” Sounds confusing? One of the concepts is named the Waku Spo and is an A-segment small city car with retro styling.

Endorsed as the compact personal PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), the Suzuki Waku Spo is a city runaround comprising of an exterior that can turn into conventional attire in the near future. The concept has fender mounted wing mirrors, a slightly upright front fascia with curvy design elements, flared fenders, rakish windshield, rear wheels pushed to the edges and dual-tone paint job complementing the cutesy look.

Suzuki Waku Spo Interior

Suzuki claims that with this one car, the family can share “fun and excitement across generations for daily use as well as for pleasure”. Another important feature this Waku Spo design study has is the transformable body that is said to change shape by altering the front mask and change dashboard contents as desired from the options given with the help of a Waku Waku switch.

The second concept Suzuki will debut at the Japanese motoring show is dubbed the Hanare meaning ‘detached cottage’ in Japanese. The autonomous vehicle has a boxy appearance and gives the feel of a family SUV with modern design touches. It is called as a self-driving room on wheels with comfort and fuel economy in mind. It should also have a spacious interior to back up the claim.


The AI-based Suzuki Hanare does have retro finishes as the Waku Spo and reminds us of the old Volkswagen vans. It has wheels pushed to the edges to maximise cabin room. We will get to know more about both the concepts when they debut in Tokyo alongside the Hustler concept inspired by Jimny and a mini commercial vehicle concept.

Suzuki Waku Spo and Suzuki Hanare Concepts