Suzuki-Snapdeal: Manufacturer to sell It’s motorcycles and scooters on shopping portal

Suzuki-Snapdeal tie will see the manufacturer sell its two-wheelers e-commerce website to promote sales

Suzuki has recently in the news for its sales number that the Gixxer siblings have been doing. Before that it was known for selling 125 cc scooter siblings that we are doing well for the company. Primiarly known for scooters and now known for both, Suzuki is clearly ramping up things when it comes to Indian operations when it comes to small bikes or sport bikes.

With the eCommerce all of a sudden taking the center stage, it is almost possible to sell anything on these websites of e-commerece which are start-up companies that need to pay their heavy loans back. So after tieing with books to mobiles its time for motorcycles and cars. Hero did it first, Piaggio is in, Mahindra has its own and continues to with other websites as well. Car manufacturer such as Nissan, Datsun and Mahindra continue to do

Snapdeal motors datsun suzuki

Today is the turn for the Suzuki two wheelers. Four-wheeler section rarely needs it though. Suzuki Two-wheelers will sell all their motorcycles and scooters from this platform and get to customers via the easy way for both parties, consumer and manufacturer. Right from Hayate to Gixxer SF and from Let’s to Swish everything is all set to be sold at this leading e-commerce website.


For starters and first few weeks, customers can avail discounts in the form of free insurance for their purchase on Suzuki-Snapdeal connection allows you get in touch with your nearest dealers and setup everything for you. The website tells you when you can pick up the bike at the earliest when you enter the pin code of your city. A minimum amount of the booking can be paid online and all you need to is wait for to pick up the vehicle from dealership.

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