Suzuki Recursion Project is Now a 600cc TurboCharged Motorcycle with 100PS Power

Suzuki Recursion Turbo dohc

Suzuki Recursion turbocharged motorcycle has slightly more details than before. It will get a DOHC setup with 100PS and 100 Nm torque. Should help in epic burnouts

What we saw happening in cars now we see in motorcycles. A new trend is on the rise. In the quest for more power, the manufacturer needs a bigger engine, which in turns bigger brakes, a beefier chassis and much more. However, with times, technology changes and today turbochargers are the need of the day.

A company like Volkswagen for instance, made it clear they won’t be making naturally aspirated engine from now on and that’s a huge claim.


Suzuki first showcased the Recursion project in 2013 and said that it could power a middle weight motorcycle. More information came that it could power a 600cc motorcycle. However, there is news confirmed now over the past saying that the bike will get a DOHC, 588cc, 4-valve, inter-cooler equipped engine.


The engine is set to make a mad 100 PS and 100 Nm of torque from its engine. Those horsepower and torque numbers now come from a 800cc motorcycle nowadays. However, the best part is that they way you can achieve a powerband with these vehicles as the new turbos can give whatever you want.


Ferrari for example, has limited the torque in their new turbocharged in lower gears and majority of the torque which the turbocharged engine makes in abundance comes in at a later stage to give that top-end whack and in lower gears it gives an idea of a naturally aspirated very responsiveness engine for riding at low speeds.


Reason why cars come in speak when it comes to talking about this Suzuki Motorcycle is because it’s turbocharged and there are endless lessons to learn from. Suzuki Recursion project could actually make it by 2017 if Suzuki is serious about getting into production like Honda and Kawasaki.

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