Suzuki Motorcycle Plans Growth Using Maruti Suzuki Network : Report

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Suzuki Motorcycle plans growth using Maruti Suzuki network; around two dozen Maruti Suzuki dealers have been roped in

Suzuki Motorcycle is about to use Maruti Suzuki’s vast network in India to grow in the country. Maruti Suzuki is undoubtedly the largest automaker present in the country, and it has conquered 47% of the Indian car market already. Therefore, the Suzuki is planning to use the Maruti Suzuki’s already established car dealership network to expand its two-wheeler business in the country.

As a primary step, Suzuki Motorcycle is appointing several Maruti Suzuki dealers to sell the Suzuki two-wheelers as well. Already around two dozen of Maruti Suzuki car dealers have been roped in as Suzuki Motorcycle dealers, as Mr. Satoshi Uchida, the Managing Director, Suzuki Motorcycle India says. He also informed that, many of the car dealers are pretty excited to sell the Suzuki superbikes like Hayabusa.

Suzuki Launches Gixxer and Gixxer SF Rear Disc-6

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Apart from using the same dealerships to sell cars and two-wheelers, The Japanese automaker also plans to increase the base of common component suppliers between both the companies. In this process, the same vendors who supply components to Maruti Suzuki, will supply component to Suzuki Motorcycle as well. This way, the Suzuki is expecting more growth and cost cutting as well.

Suzuki Motorcycle entered the Indian market around a decade ago, and the Indian two-wheeler market has been growing steadily and rapidly in recent times. But the Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer is yet to catch a fare share in the country. In last fiscal, the company sold 313,300 two-wheelers, which marked an 8% decline than the previous fiscal year. Also in last fiscal the Suzuki Motorcycle had only 1.9% market share in Indian two-wheeler space.

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Maruti Suzuki is also welcoming the decision to use the car dealership network to use for Suzuki two-wheeler sales. The Maruti Suzuki has a long experience in the Indian market, which could be helpful for Suzuki Motorcycle. The two-wheeler manufacturer has shifted its corporate office to the same building in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj recently, where Maruti Suzuki’s headquarter is located.

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Source: Business Standard