Suzuki Misano Concept Is A Motorcycle Inspired Futuristic Roadster

Suzuki Misano Concept Rear

Suzuki Misano Concept is a combination of a motorcycle and a car and is created by the Japanese brand in association with IED

Over the years, we have seen a lot of futuristic concepts from global automakers, startups looking to gain attention and collaborative projects. While only some of them make sense, others are promising with a vision towards the future. However, not every design study you see will enter production due to various reasons.

They can neither be conceived into reality nor holds much for the imminent future. Suzuki and Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) have created a new concept dubbed the Misano, a popular racetrack in Italy alongside Monza and San Marino. This has been brought into conceptualisation by Master in Transportation Design students at IED in Torino.

The two-seater roadster concept has a beautiful design. Its low slung attitude is complemented by sharp creases and flowing body lines and it has been built to combine the advantages of a motorcycle and a fully-blown automobile. It measures four metres in length but stands only a metre tall. The driver and the passenger sit in a tandem fashion as opposed to the usual seating position in cars.

Suzuki Misano Concept 1

The front fascia of the Suzuki Misano concept reminds us of supercar concepts with the large air intakes positioned within the same cluster as the sharp headlamps. The bonnet dips downwards and has a Suzuki badge grafted in it. The purple body colour is accentuated by the copper accents on the wheels and the rest of the side profile.

A roll hoop behind the rear occupants and a slanting windscreen for the driver are other main highlights of the Suzuki Misano concept. With a two-door body, the design study has IED and Suzuki badges, LED tail lamps and a diffuser at the rear. The vehicle can be manoeuvred through a control stick as opposed to a conventional steering wheel.
Suzuki Misano Concept SideWhile the Suzuki Misano concept is born out of the young designers’ minds, the company has no intention to put it into production and no technical specifications have been revealed as well. However, it does give a probable look into the roadsters of the future, as ideas make for vital decisions!