Suzuki Launches ATV’s In India Bearing 250cc and 400cc engines

Suzuki 250 ATV Ozark India

Suzuki Launches ATV’s in India, 250cc and 400cc priced at Rs.5,45,000 and Rs. 8,50,000 respectively

Suzuki Launches ATV’s and two of of its international models in India. Something which reflects Suzuki’s intent to cater to the Indian enthusiast as the sport grows popular with competition from the likes of Polaris is coming in very strong. Almost every manufacturer makes ATV sells them across the world as they are the most versatile products one can buy thanks to road and off-road along with towing capabilities they have.

The Ozark 250 is an all rounder ATV with practical and standard features such as automatic clutch. Suzuki say it offer a modern looking, low maintenance and high performance engine with the Ozark 250. The ATV stands at 199 kg wet. Power and torque figures are unknown. Comes with semi-automatic gearbox and 2 wheel drive variant. Disc brakes at the front and drums are at the rear.

Suzuki 250 ATV Ozark India

The Quadsport Z400 is the high-performance version and has off-roading capabilities combined with with sporty chassis, torquey performance, linear power-output and throttle response thanks to fuel injection and other cutting edge technologies borrowed from
the Suzuki superbikes.

Quadsport Z400 has 5-speed manual gearbox with a 193 KG weigh weight. Twin disc brakes at the front and disc at the rear. Quadsport Z400 will come with 9.1 litre fuel tank. 10-inch wheels at the front and 9-inch wheels at the rear with large knobbly tyres show what these ATV are meant to do.

Suspension duties are done by independent, double wishbone, coil spring that is oil damped and at the rear it comes with Swingarm type, coil spring and that it too oil damped.

Suzuki Quadsport Z400 ATV India

The price of the Ozark 250 is Rs. 5,45,000 (Ex Showroom, Delhi) and the Quadsport Z400 costs Rs. 8,50,000 (Ex Showroom, Delhi). Suzuki says they are value for money products but a proper comparison will tell us the same.

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