Suzuki Hayabusa Assembly Begins In India

Suzuki Hayabusa assembly begins In India and it will be priced from Rs. 13.57 lakh

Don’t think anything else than this news will excite the ardent motorcycle enthusiasts as the paragon of performance bikes the “suzuki Hayabusa” will be assembled in India soon. Suzuki is taking Indian market very seriously. That’s why price of its legendary bike has been reduced to Rs 13.57 lakh from Rs 16 lakh.

This move would not be limited to the company’s flagship motorcycle. Suzuki Motorcycle India also has plans to locally assemble more superbikes, given the aggressive penetration of international brands and models in the sub-continent in very short time. Suzuki was producing Inazuma in India and now Hayabusa, which must be challenging for other bike company like Triumph, Kawasaki and Benelli.

Suzuki Hayabusa India

The Japanese manufacturer is trying to come strong in the market with low price to give hard times to other manufactures that had started production in India and making profit already. Suzuki has started assembling the motorcycle at their Gurgaon facility, with kits being imported from Japan. There are no changes in the specification of the motorcycle as it still runs a 197PS/154Nm 1,340cc four-cylinder engine. Suzuki says that quality levels are also the same as the CBU motorcycles.

The company says the move has been driven by the soaring demands in our domestic market as India is one of the largest markets in the world for motorcycles. The company has invested heavily into this new assembly line. It is likely that other CBU products from the manufacturer will also toe the CKD line soon.

As more manufacturers start to come in and establish factories or increase their existing vehicle production line-up, it will surely enhance the market growth and bring in premium products for affordable price range that what currently exists.

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