Suzuki Chairman Osamu Suzuki Stepping Down as CEO in Mileage Scandal

Osamu Suzuki

Japanese major auto manufacturer Suzuki revealed few days ago that the automaker used false fuel economy data for its cars. It was revealed that Suzuki models going back to 2010 were sold with false fuel economy figures. The automaker submitted fuel economy figures which were compiled from indoor tests done on individual parts, the Japanese regulation doesn’t approve this test procedure. It demands the vehicle coasting tests, which were not performed by Suzuki. Due to the scandal now Suzuki’s chairman and CEO Osamu Suzuki is stepping down as the CEO of the company. He will stay as the chairman of the company although.

In Japan the automakers are supposed to submit a range of fuel efficient data which will comprise on road test driving fuel economy figures as well, to the transportation ministry. Suzuki, the fourth largest automaker in Japan didn’t follow the rule. They have sold a total of 2.14 million vehicles in the country ranging around 26 models with the false fuel efficiency data.

All these vehicles were sold with the mileage figures which were better than the actual figures. Incidentally, this is not the first time in recent past when a Japanese automaker didn’t follow the required fuel economy test procedure, as earlier Mitsubishi also did the same thing with its vehicles. Now following the Suzuki’s involvement in the fuel economy scandal Japanese authorities have raided the automaker’s headquarter last week.

With the stepping down of Osamu Suzuki as the CEO of Suzuki Motor it will encourage whistle blowing and the company also plans to train its engineers for better efficiency. The fuel economy test procedure will also be strengthened. In recent past he automotive industry across the world has came under scrutiny on the emission and fuel economy data.

It was started after Volkswagen AG’s emission cheating scandal came under light in US. The German automaker used an emission cheating software in several of its models which were developed to emit less pollutant gas in controlled environment, while in real times the cars have been emitting enormous amount of NOx.

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