Suzuki Applies Patent For Distinct Car Running Sound For Upcoming EV

suzuki ev jet sound

Suzuki’s distinct car running sound of a jet aircraft could be used on its upcoming electric vehicle

Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) has applied for patent rights to a distinct car running sound in relation to a certain type of automobiles. More precisely, the sound of a jet aircraft could be used for its upcoming EV, as manufacturers tend to manipulate the electrified vehicles in a different manner for pedestrians or passerby just to notify that they are on their way.

With the production of electric vehicles increasing, the global automakers have implied certain sound themes to make them unique. The involvement of Japanese brands in pure electric mobility solutions is very large and Suzuki in partnership with Toyota will bring in new EVs into the fray in the near future. SMC’s India division MSIL is also preparing to introduce its first battery-powered vehicle in the domestic market.

For more than a year, Maruti Suzuki India Limited has been testing its first EV for India under a pilot project based on the JDM-spec Wagon R using 50 prototypes to understand the differing surface and climatic conditions prevailing across the country. It was expected to go on sale sometime in 2020 but in a recent interview, MSIL’s Chairman R C Bhargava confirmed that it would not be the case.

suzuki ev sound

It was estimated to cost around Rs. 12 lakh. He said: “EV is a work in progress for us. We will not launch the Wagon R EV for commercial public use in 2020,” and cited lack of availability of incentives resulting in high price tag and charging infrastructure to launch the Wagon R EV for mass-market customers.

A report emerged in October 2019 suggested that Toyota and Suzuki would introduce a compact battery electric vehicle (BEVs) in India. It was said to be launched at an “early stage”. MSIL will expand its supply of vehicles to Toyota for them to be rebadged and sold under its own roof.maruti suzuki wagon r ev spied

Additionally, a mid-size SUV appears to be co-developed based on Vitara Brezza’s Global C platform. Unlike the badge engineered products, they will have distinctive characteristics pertaining to each brand’s essence.