Suzuki Admits Manipulating Fuel Economy in Japan; 16 Cars Affected

Suzuki admits manipulating fuel economy in Japan; 2.1 million vehicles affected including Alto, Wagon R, Swift, Baleno, S-Cross and Ignis

Suzuki Motor Corp has used wrong methods in its home market for testing fuel economy of plenty of models. The Japanese company’s admission over the issues has broadened the mileage scandal that hit Mitsubishi Motors recently. As the latter’s market shares slumped to over 40 per cent in the last three weeks due to the issue, Nissan came into the aid and bought 34 per cent controlling stakes worth $2.2 billion.

The manipulation of fuel economy of at least four vehicles by Mitsubishi, prompting President Tetsuro Aikawa to step down, has led to widespread checks on industry methods by Japan’s transport ministry. As Suzuki admitted overstating efficiency, the country’s fourth largest automaker was worried to be wiping millions in market shares and thus 15 per cent were down in a single day.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Crossover-32

Suzuki said the affected cars will continue to be sold in the Japanese market as correct readings didn’t differ significantly to those claimed by the company. However, Japanese authoritative body has called the scandal as outrageous and said it would seek futher details before 31st May.

The CEO of Suzuki said that 2.1 million vehicles were affected while denying the use of fuel economy for improving sales figures via endorsements. Instead the blame was pointed at mending the economy with readings from individual car parts as tests were conducted on a coastal hill at a windy location making them look better.

Maruti Ignis India Zen

The company having roughly a third of Japan’s mini-vehicle market said its Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki is not affected by the issue as the test results are confined to the home market. The 16 affected cars launched between 2010 and 2016 are Alto, Alto Lapin, Wagon R, Hustler, Spacia, Every, Carry, Jimny, Solio, Ignis, Baleno, S-Cross, Swift, Escudo 2.4, Escudo and Jimny Sierra.


Fuel economy and vehicle emissions have come under immense scrutiny from regulatory bodies around the world after Volkswagen admitted to have fitted 11 million diesel cars with defeat device software that alters emission. Japan’s transport ministry seems to be contend with results from other manufacturers after the recent re-checks in fuel efficiency manipulation. Nissan was taken to court by Chinese authorities as it was alleged to have found guilty in wrongly projecting fuel economy as well.

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