SUVs With Highest Waiting Period [May 2022]- Thar, Sonet, Nexon & More


SUVs are extremely popular in the Indian market currently, and the waiting period for a few of them is quite high these days

In India, the popularity of SUVs has seen a steady increase in the past few years. However, due to production constraints (mainly semiconductor shortage), manufacturers aren’t able to fulfil orders quickly. As such, a few SUVs currently demand a fairly long wait till delivery.

For select variants of Mahindra XUV700, the waiting period reaches up to twenty months! This is the highest for any passenger car in the Indian market currently. However, most variants of the SUV have a much lower waiting period – around two to four months, as per our dealer sources.

Mahinda Thar has a maximum waiting period of up to eleven months, with the highest wait being for the hardtop diesel variants. For the other variants, the wait is considerably lower, hovering between two and four months. As for MG Astor, the wait till delivery goes as high as six months.

mg astor -2529

For Kia Sonet, the wait till delivery ranges from three months to six months. Next on the list is Hyundai Creta, the waiting period for which currently goes up as high as six months currently, with the largest wait being for the base trim of the SUV.

The waiting period for Tata Nexon reaches up to four months, for both the ICE version (petrol and diesel) and the EV version, as per our dealer sources. Its younger sibling – Tata Punch – also has a waiting period of up to four months, with the base trim demanding the longest wait.

Tata Punch mountain wallpaper

Model Waiting period
Mahindra XUV700 Up to 20 months
Mahindra Thar Up to 11 months
MG Astor Up to 6 months
Kia Sonet Up to 6 months
Hyundai Creta Up to 6 months
Tata Nexon Up to 4 months (for both ICE and EV)
Tata Punch Up to 4 months
Nissan Magnite Up to 4 months
Toyota Fortuner Up to 4 months
Kia Seltos Up to 3 months

For Nissan Magnite, new buyers have to wait up to four months to take delivery. Toyota Fortuner also has a similar waiting period – up to four months. As for Kia Seltos, its official waiting period is a little shorter, currently stretching up to three months depending on the chosen variant.