Super Soco CUx Ducati Electric Scooter Revealed


Super Soco CUx Ducati is powered by 30 Ah lithium battery pack with a range of 75 km and it is priced at Rs. 2.06 lakh

Super Soco CUx Ducati electric scooter has officially been revealed. Don’t get too excited, it’s not a full-blown Ducati electric scooter, instead the company has partnered with Super Soco an electric scooter start-up based in the UK. This same electric scooter is used by Moto GP team of Ducati in the paddock, which makes it really special.

The company hasn’t made any changes to the design of regular CUx as the only difference is the new Ducati theme as the electric scooter is finished in white and red livery of the Italian manufacturer. The CUx Ducati is priced at a premium of 2299 pounds, which is around 2.06 lakh and it is one of the most expensive electric scooters.

The CUx Ducati gets its power from 30 Ah lithium battery and the power output is 3.6 hp but the scooter offers impressive torque output of 130 Nm. The company has given a Bosch electric motor with a maximum output of 2,700 watts. The instant acceleration of the scooter is similar to Ducati performance bikes.


But the top speed is just 45 km like other electric scooters and the range is just 75 km. The Super Soco CUx takes just 3.5 hours to charge completely and the scooter comes with fast charging. The braking duties are taken care by 180 mm disc at both ends with EBS and the scooter takes just 1.8 m to stop completely.

The design theme of the electric scooter is modern as the headlamp is a full LED unit, which offers 75 m visibility. Super Soco has given a high definition night camera in the front of the scooter and it is displayed on the instrument cluster, which is fully digital and it gives lots of information like speed, range details and more.

The scooter also has a G-Force sensor, which is activated automatically and send this data to the smartphone connected to the scooter. The scooter can be connected to the smartphone application of Super Soco to control various functions. Ducati is expected to introduce its first electric bike in the near future.