Super Cyclone Amphan Destroys Vehicles Worth Crores – Pics

Cyclonic Storm Amphan Destroyed Vehicles-1-3

The super cyclone Amphan has reportedly taken 86 lives until the time of writing this piece, while the loss of property is inexplicable

West Bengal recently went through one of the worst natural disasters in recent times, which caused a great havoc to property, while it also took many innocent lives. The super cyclonic storm Amphan was apparently also the reason for the destruction of cars worth crores!

Numerous cars have been crushed by trees or debris, while low-lying areas have been flooded waist-deep, thus water logging a huge number of vehicles. The worst affected areas in West Bengal are North and South 24 Parganas, followed by Kolkata, East Midnapore and Howrah.

These pictures here show the damage that has been caused by Amphan, with all the crushed vehicles. While the rich and upper class were relatively safer in their houses than the beggars who don’t have the luxury of a roof over their heads, or even people living in makeshift shelters/houses, no natural calamity differentiates when it’s about vehicles.

Cyclonic Storm Amphan Destroyed Vehicles-2

Multiple cars can be seen totally damaged in the pictures, ranging from the first-gen Maruti Suzuki Dzire taxi, to a red-coloured luxurious saloon from Audi. The highest speed of the winds have been recorded up to 125 km/h, which was enough to topple cars, overthrow electricity poles, uproot over 5,000 trees, hundreds of lamposts and several traffic signals.

A portion of the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International airport, located in Dum Dum, West Bengal was flooded in rainwater, thus bringing the operations to a halt. A small private aircraft that was parked in a hangar has been damaged while two hangars were completely destroyed.

Cyclonic Storm Amphan Destroyed Vehicles-1-4

Road connectivity has also been impacted severely, creating an obstacle for aid to reach the affected areas. Telephone lines were snapped, broadband services hit and even mobile network was down in most parts of the city. Fortunately, the state government has managed to evacuate over five lakh people to safety, while the Centre has announced Rs 1,500 crore relief fund for West Bengal and Odisha.