Stellantis Eyes Fiat’s Revival In The Indian Market – Report

Fiat crossover

Stellantis contemplates Fiat’s return to India using the STLA M platform, along with introducing the Alfa Romeo brand in our market

Stellantis, the parent company of multiple brands like Citroen and Jeep, is considering reintroducing the Fiat brand to the Indian market. The company plans to leverage its STLA Medium (M) platform for its forthcoming Fiat models. The STLA M platform, recently unveiled, is a modular platform designed for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and can also accommodate internal combustion engine (ICE) powertrains, offering flexibility and sustainability.

The STLA M platform is set to underpin the next-generation Jeep Compass and Citroen’s upcoming models in India. This platform’s versatility allows it to support a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. With the platform catering to sister brands Jeep and Citroen in India, reintroducing Fiat models based on it requires minimal investment, enhancing synergies for Stellantis.

Fiat’s presence in India came to a halt in 2019, due to an ageing model lineup plagued by low sales. However, the STLA M platform presents an opportunity for Stellantis to re-establish Fiat in the Indian market with all-new models. With a strong recall among Indian enthusiasts, the re-entry of Fiat could add value to Stellantis’ brand portfolio.


Apart from Fiat, Stellantis is currently evaluating the commercial viability of introducing Alfa Romeo as well in India. The company is also paying attention to its existing brands in our market, namely Jeep and Citroen. The Citroen C3 Aircross SUV, scheduled for launch in October, and another model based on the C-cubed platform in early 2024, are crucial to Citroen’s market strategy in India.

The Indian automotive market has seen remarkable growth, becoming one of the world’s top automotive markets. Compact and midsize SUVs are currently the most popular segment, attracting significant attention from manufacturers. If Stellantis will bring the Fiat and Alfa Romeo brands to India, these two segments would be the best entry points.

Globally, Fiat has shown promising sales performance, with the electric Fiat 500 emerging as one of the top-selling A-segment hatchbacks. The success of the electric Fiat 500 in Japan and its upcoming launch in Australia reflect its market appeal. With a strong push towards electrification, Stellantis may also explore introducing electric models under the Fiat brand in India to capitalize on the growing interest in EVs.

Overall, Stellantis’ move to reintroduce Fiat and explore the potential of other prestigious brands in India signifies its confidence in the country’s automotive market. With the STLA M platform and a focus on innovation, the company could establish a strong presence in India while catering to the evolving needs of Indian consumers.